As of August 06th 2009, all the subcommittee positions are vacant, so the duties go back to the CAcert Board.


The board has created the Management Sub-Committee at m20070919.2:

The Management Sub-Committee reports to the Board.

Members of Management Sub-Committee



  1. HR:
  2. Review of Systems Administration with Philipp.
    • search for new sysadmins
    • check done informally until reviewed TrustCheck

    • allocation to non-critical systems
    • allocation to critical systems to be approved by Board.
  3. Direct handling of all unfilled roles.


Management Sub-committee currently meets approximately every two weeks, mostly on Thursday 22:30. Where decisions are taken, they are recorded as ManagementSubCommitteeDecisions.

M-SC inherited the the arrangement established by Advisory, although those Advisory meetings were much more open and free-flowing. Advisory still plays a small role in recording the minutes.


Jens Paul resigned December 2007.

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