The Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Annual General Meetings of CAcert Inc. ("the Association") are held every year, in approximately November. They generally cover the Australian financial year, which is July to June.

If you cannot attend the meeting, please read carefully the information about proxy vote and early vote.

Next AGM

Next AGM will likely take place around November 2020.

Business for the next AGM can be discussed at AGM/Next.


A Special General Meeting can be called by a member's quorom at any time to discuss a particular business item. See SGM.

Info about Voting

For information on how voting occurs, see VoteBot's page.


Financial & Board reports

... tbd.

Team Reports

Team Leaders were encouraged to present a report for their team. see AGM TeamReports Overview

Members Reports

These are the report of the CAcert association members to itself. Please write about how you have contributed to CAcert over the year. see AGM Members Reports Overview


Are described at AGM/Resolutions.

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