Resolutions are binding decisions on CAcert Inc passed at the Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting. They come in two varieties - special resolutions and ordinary resolutions.

List of Passed Resolutions



There are some rules that apply to the submission and voting of resolutions.

1. Special resolutions are required to be notified 3 weeks in advance to the membership and ordinary resolutions 2 weeks in advance (Rules of the association). Therefore, general meetings should be called or notified with 4 weeks notice (Note 1).

2. Special Resolutions must be provided in full, with all wording, in the invitation sent by the secretary a20151125.1-I.1.a. They may only be changed in minor, non-material manners (typo, grammar) prior to the vote and no amendment is possible at the same general meeting ("GM"). No amendments are possible at the same meeting.

3. Ordinary Resolutions must be provided with all material alternatives in the invitation a20151125.1-I.1.b. Choices have to be predictable based on the material in the invitation. Amendments are possible only if the meeting is adjourned and an invite for the continued meeting includes the amendment.

4. Ordinary Business. If business is put on the agenda without sufficient predicable choices or material alternatives, then no resolution can be passed on that basis and only discussion is permitted.

5. Challenges to the motions are addressed at a20151125.1 I.1.b.


1. There is no citation for this - it is a practical calculation to give members a chance to send in their resolutions.

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