Security Policy Section 7 documents the Software Assessment Team with the role of the security and maintenance of the code. SecurityManual also says more, under SP.

The teams consist of:

Software/Internships are possible.

Team Meetings

Team Meetings are held on the IRC channel #cacert-devel on It is intended to hold a meeting every second Friday at 20:00 UTC. But check the Meeting Overview page, and maybe the most recent protocol for details.

See Software/Meeting/Overview.

The Software

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If you want to assist in testing have a look at Software/Assessment/FAQ!


Software Assessment is the review of patches by others, and is conducted under SP#7 and SM. The Software Assessment team consists of:

A new Software Assessment team and project is being built up. For more info see the Software Assessment Team page.

Development Process

Testing is part of the general Software area:


Current status end of 2018: AFAIK the project is not usable, and everyone working on it has left or is not active anymore. So most probably the project is currently dead. BernhardFröhlich

One effort is the creation of a new CA in software, called BirdShack. Current situation:

Links and references:


In support of software development, there are various systems:

Random / Misc


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