Tess the PKI to CAcert integrator

I spent a bit of time coding up a way to make getting a signed certificate on a smart card a much easier proposition, especially if you are running a large organisation and need to manage hundreds if not thousands of smart cards annually.

While my proof of concept works under Ubuntu/Debian, you will need to install the php-gtk.so file by hand since there is no package for it, I've included it in the tarball however. Also this has only been test with Gemplus Twin USB reader and a GemSAFE PKI card.

The way I coded this program you will be best running this on it's own machine, due to headaches with OpenSSL/OpenSC prompting for a pin, I ended up creating the key/csr in software, requesting a cert, then building a pkcs12 file and finally importing this onto my card.

http://www.cacert.org/docs/tess-0.1.tgz [ /!\ this link does not work /!\ ]

Some screen shots... [ /!\ the following links also do not work /!\ ]

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