Testers and Developers Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Where do I find the New Testserver ?

2. I've created an account, but I do not receive a confirmation mail

3. I've now created my Account on '''cacert1.it-sls.de''', but how I can become Assurer ?

4. I've created my Account and modified it on Mgmt System, but now I can no longer login on testserver ?

5. Where I can found infos which patches are currently on the testserver ?

6. I'm interested in becoming Tester. Who can I contact ?

7. I've now tested a patch and found no errors. How to proceed ?

9. What is about test1.cacert.at ?

10. Can I get a Testserver Image for my home developing ?

11. I'm a Developer and want to join the Development Team

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