Security Policy Section 7 documents the Software Assessment Team with the role of the security and maintenance of the code. SecurityManual also says more, under SP.

The teams consist of:

Software/Internships are possible.

The Software

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Software Assessment is the review of patches by others, and is conducted under SP#7 and SM. The Software Assessment team consists of:

A new Software Assessment team and project is being built up:

Software-Assessment Team

(don't confound with Software-Assessment-Project team)

Team Members

Ex Members

  • Benny Baumann

    Resigned as Software Assessor and Software Team Lead 2016-06-19

Team Leader


Procedure to add new team member

  1. wiki-1: add Wiki account name to AllowedUsersGroup

  2. wiki-2: add Wiki account name including motion number new Software Assessment Team member

  3. mantis: add/change group admin status
  4. testserver create console account, also ca-mgr1, git-cacert
  5. testserver ssh key exchange
  6. connect to cacert-devel mailing list, add as owner
  7. TL: welcome mail (also info to critical admins) about new Software-Assessor team member

Development Process

Testing is part of the general Software area:


One effort is the creation of a new CA in software, called BirdShack. Current situation:

Links and references:


In support of software development, there are various systems:

Random / Misc


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