This page is a list of tasks that relate to enhancements to CAcert's current infrastructure.

Testsystem Image

We currently have a single testsystem on the internet: The sourcecode of the website is available on but it's very hard to setup into a working environment. We would like to have a VirtualBox/Qemu/VMWare image which includes a whole testsystem, so that every developer can easily setup a testsystem on his own machine, and that the developers don't interfere with each other.

Customer Representatives


Requirement ID



A small proposal exists discussion on cacert-devel list

Fuzzers for OpenPGP and X.509

We could need fuzzers and/or collections of OpenPGP keys (to be signed), CSRs and X.509 certs, to automatically test our test-system against them.


All public CAcert services should support X509 authentication / registration either directly or via OpenID or similar technologies.


CAcert wants to migrate to Unicode. Please join UnicodeTaskForce if you are experienced with Unicode.


CAcert wants to offer it's services on both IPv4 and IPv6.

Random Sources

Crypto stuff needs random sources. Though hardware support is occasionally supported Havege is a cool project too.

Havege should be maintained, improved, packaged and if possible included into mainstream kernels:


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