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Committee Meeting 2019-07-25 (2019-07-26 in Australia)

The meeting will take place at 20:00 UTC in the IRC channel #board-meeting on the CAcert IRC network.

Feel free to add a business item within the acceptance period of 48 hours or your question to the board below. Non-committee Members: Committee may choose to convert any business proposed as a question in the questions section.


  1. Minutes author prepares the minutes from the last meeting

  2. Minutes author prepares the actions from meeting and actions overview. All action owners to update.

  3. Minutes author puts motion m2019MMDD.1 to accept the minutes from the last meeting.


  1. Preliminaries
    1. Chair opens the Committee Meeting
    2. Who is making minutes?
    3. Is there a timelimit? Who is time keeper?
    4. Accept the minutes from the meeting before

    5. Accept the minutes from the last meeting

    6. Chair asks whether cacert-board-private or cacert-board maillist includes any items that need to be disclosed to Members.

      1. Are there important tasks to discuss today?
    7. Chair points actions from last meeting to the meeting, and asks for discussion.

    Election pledge: The outgoing committee has initiated various measures to get the finances under control. In addition, it intends to bring CAcert to Europe in 2019 (preparations are underway to do it with no need to change policies). This means that there will be an SGM in the first half of 2019 anyway. Then it could be decided: - relocate and continue - or wind up. By then it should have become apparent whether we have got the finances under control. For possibilities, see:

    Secretary's pledge: "(if) each board member is willing to do about 10% more during this transition period (he has) time to prepare statutes (for Switzerland) and (prepare the) SGM."

    Acceptance of Businesses 48 Hours before beginning of Committee Meeting latest!

  2. Business
    1. Association
      1. -
    2. Community
      1. Wiki notifications (ongoing, waiting for answer from wiki admin)
      2. Information to the community about volunteers and funds (secretary, critical)
      3. Grants: open and new inquiries (Brian)

        1. Linux Australia - Submitting a grant application added by Frédéric D

        2. Context of the issue:

        3. Possible solution to the issue: Strategic plan to be completed by Brian and Peter M. I may give a hand as well.

        4. Expected outcome of the meeting: receive the commitment of one or more persons who designate themselves as responsible for writing and submitting the grant application to Linux Australia.

        5. (2) Newsletter to Swiss Community (running, Etienne)

        6. (3) push OrgA (in the hope that financially potent orgs will become regular donors)
          1. School project (data protection) (Etienne)

            1. OrgA for Schools (data protection) (both DE only for instance)

            2. Teaching materials: (DE, EN, FR, CZ at the moment) (DE for Switzerland only, as curriculum reference)

            3. what is missing? who helps?
            4. Communication via various channels (teacher magazines, school magazines, mailing, etc.)
          2. Church project (data protection)
            1. (EN, DE, FR at the moment)

            2. what is missing? who will take the lead? who helps?
            3. Communication via various channels (teacher magazines, school magazines, mailing, etc.)
          3. Dating sites
            1. find small/medium sites; find contact, contact them
            2. who will take the lead?
        7. (4) Getting support from the Linux Foundation - Which kind of support? added by Frédéric D

        8. Context of the issue:

        9. Direct link to the Linux Foundation web sites:

        10. Expected outcome of the meeting: to understand what the Linux Foundation actually may do for CAcert beyond its marketing buzzwords; to give me clear instructions as to the type of assistance to be requested (financial, technical, organizational management?).

        11. (5) open and new inquiries we have now for month 46 ideas. Each of us has to take one per month to apply, as having the ideas only in the wiki will never bring some funds. (updates from Brian, Frédéric, Frédéric, Etienne, Peter, Peter, Ross)

      4. Formal documented plan for our future (needed by both CAcert and people giving us money) (Brian, Peter M)

      5. Board 2019/20
        1. resignations
        2. candidates
      6. Personnel/volunteers
        1. SGM/AGM 2019
        2. critical team (main topic)

          1. strategy: A ask ABCed people, B search new people and ABC them, C mix of A&B

          2. procedure (who, what, until when, BCC

          3. overview ABC for strategy A available
    3. Finances
      1. Westpac (Peter M, Dirk; update)

      2. Membership fees 2018 (and before) (Frédéric G, update)

      3. The board decides to pay the invoice 2018-2 of €1,324.09 for hosting period June 2018 to November 2018

      4. International wire transfer - A cost effective solution added by Frédéric D

      5. The board decides to pay the invoice 2019-1 of €1,349.27 for hosting period November 2018 to May 2019
    4. Software
      1. Operating systems
        1. Decision: "The committee expresses thanks to JanDD for the great work in updating Infrao02 and many containers with the help of Wytze."
        2. Next steps (what, who, lead)
      2. Bug 1305: New root (update) (update by Bernhard)

      3. Root Certificate Class 3 (end of life) (update by Brian)

      4. Bug 1260 (and sub bugs 144x): PHP/Software (update Brian, Karl-Heinz, Peter M)

      5. other (new/pressing/...)
    5. Dummy project (update by Alex, Frédéric D)

    6. French version of the association's blog - Getting posts translated quicker added by Frédéric D

      • Context of the issue:

      • Possible solution to the issue: to give me write access to the association's blog, for me to be able to publish French translations of any new content, as soon as it pops up.

      • Expected outcome of the meeting: adoption of a motion by the Committee members to give write access to Frédéric D to the association's blog.

    Questions from Community Members can be added until beginning of Committee Meeting! As well questions can be asked at "Question Time", without added Question here

  3. Question Time
    1. ABC for Karl-Heinz G (a20160816.1) added by Frédéric D

      • During its meeting on 2018-11-29, the committee has approved to hand over this case to Bernhard F as Case Manager, in place of Eva S. Why Karl-Heinz G has not been ABC'ed since then? What is the underlying legacy problem linked to Eva S (cf. the mention stalled because of Eva's case in Etienne's pread sheet sent on cacert-board-private@lists.c.o on 2019-07-19 ? What are the steps to be completed to unlock the case?

    2. Access to WestPac accounts added by Frédéric D

    3. Big 360K Mail - What's going on ? added by Frédéric D

      • Etienne announced to be going to send the "Big Mail" draft to the case manager, in order to receive green light for pushing it to our over 300K community members (as far as I understood the matter). What is the underlying procedure and who is the case manager here? What are the next steps? How to speed it up, or at least to make sure it won't stall?

  4. Closing
    1. Agree on date of the next Committee Meeting (Wed/Thu 20 GMT = 21 FR/CH = 15 NY = Thu/Fri 07 AEST)
    2. Agree on dates for the next meeting
      • 15 Aug 2019
      • 5 Sept 2019
      • 26 Sept 2019
      • 10 Oct 2019
      • 24 or 31 Oct 2019
      • AGM in Nov 2019
    3. Chair closes the Committee Meeting


Logfile from meeting 2019-07-25


Minutes will be written once the meeting is finished, with tasks listed in action items and Actions of this document.

Present: Etienne, Brian, Frédéric D, Peter M, Frédéric G

Apologies: Ross, Peter N


Guests: GuKKDevel_log, @ChanServ, decay, dops, egal, enyc, nb, SkarmoutsosV, Skeeper, ynazarov


At 20:10 UTC Brian took chair and started the meeting.

The minutes from 13.06.2019 and 04.07.2019 are accepted.

Business 2.3.4 and following reported to the next meeting on 08-08-2019.

2.2.1, Wiki Notifications: Dirk and Etienne are working on it, but not finished yet. "Wiki Notifications" means: When you made a change in the wiki, some people are notified. Maybe by mail? I do not know, but some of them left CAcert for the concurrence :-( 2.2.2. This is the letter ("360K-Mail" or "Big Mail") that we have been discussing with Ted. He said, we can send it without Arb. But now Arbitration took over, we are waiting for the ruling or questions for clarification. Arb = Mario. Ted = Case Manager

I remember a bit of confusion here. First, we needed to get a ruling from Arbitration, then they ( Ted ) said that that wasn't necessary and Wytze said that he would send it, and then Ted said that he had an Arbitrator. Having a ruling is more sure for the people that did not accept recieve newsletters. -- Frederic D and Brian have been discussing this, and we think that we can find a way forward. In a few words, what would you like to say to Linux Australia regarding how we are fixing our course of actions within the year and the next one. this is something that the Board agreed to do, and it is just taking longer than it should. Is this a single newsletter, or multiple? that are 248 (or something like this) individual e-mails. Etienne am working on it. Hopefully, he will finish next week. -- Organisational Assurance. This is for your information. Is there someone (from board or from the floor) who wants to step in for his country? Please say "yes" now or get in touch with the secretary. For comments and propositions: if you have read in: say it now, otherwise you can report later via board public or directly to the secretary. The idea is: tell the people, how they can use OrgA around them ( in Schools or Churches). This organisation could donate something every year, as they have also a profit from us. Best would be, when different people would make some marketing around them... A lot of information in the wiki (links in the agenda above), furthermore leaflets as PDF (ask the secretary).

OrgA for schools is DE only at the moment. OrgA for Churches is EN, DE, FR, Teaching materials for schools is DE, EN, FR, CZ. (Our volunteers didn't translate everything in 99 languages, before some people are willing to use it. DE covers about 30% of CAcert users.) Example: Link in the Agenda: you click on français on the top to change to the french version: same here: Linux Foundation: Nothing to add, what the Foundation wants to "give". Which support they deliver remain unclear. Context of the issue: Direct link to the Linux Foundation web sites: Look like a bright marketing makes getting in touch with them appealing, However, there is nothing like a freel unch™, right?

Brian will read it until next meeting

2.2.4 -- reported to later this evening We are going to fail to find a valid sponsor in time (more or less before the end of the year), if no more volunteers work on the "46 ideas". Distributed work is much more effective, than having one ou two people only. Finance is #1 priority, even on top of Critical Team. We would better become concerned on that, during our holidays, not after. Frédéric D: I would be more confident hearing "right, I adopt idea #28" for example, as an answer of one of the people here, than listening to the silence. :-) All of us have to make a higher out-put.

FD will take Etienne #25, #33, Hasler Stiftung (not on the list) for the next days Peter Linux Australia grants 2019 now open That is priority #1, because we know them, they know us, their decision might be quick. But they are fare from being convinced.

when people are expected to work on open source software for free, only the people who can afford to work for free can participate. So long as that is the case, being able to work on open source will remain a privilege for a select few. NumFOCUS awards funds to our sponsored and affiliated projects in order to help make open source work available to more than the select few. Thanks to a successful fundraising year in 2017, NumFOCUS is able to provide funding to help the projects improve usability, grow their communities, and speed up the time to major releases. NumFOCUS intends to distribute $60,000 in small developments grants to our sponsored and affiliated projects in 2018. This is the second round of grants made this year. You can read about the first round grant recipients in our prior blog post.

We need horse power, in order to address all these potential sponsors, Working together makes possible to reuse for the next grant application some content created for submitting the previous one. Members of the committee who are alive should open one new contact per each meeting. According to FD's experience, submitting a grant is a mater of aroun 10 hours of work. But not every contact goes to the point that it worth to submit a grant application,

2.2.4 is really part of and other applications. All documents should be shared, that we can re-use parts or paragraphs of it. That is something that FD and Brian are going to have to prepare as part of our Linux Australia Grant application.

Each application should be tailored to their requirements then reviewed by someone in the right language group, but it is allways good to have some information and some data collected to start. Etienne proposes to proceed as Egal proposed in the mail (see link above, only board members can read it). Etienne will find the addresses, Brian will write the Mails. It is Friday now. Can we have a letter by Sunday, and I will send it to be received by Monday morning?

BTW, shall the committee find on the fly three new Critical Team admins, or might the team be staffed on person after the other, progressively? We need at least one to start, but the more the better.

Rest is reported to 08-08-2019 20:00 UTC

Question Time


We aggreed last meeting on 2019-08-08-20:00 UTC for the next meeting.

Chair closed the meeting at 22:04 UTC








prepare Agenda and Minutes for the next meeting

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