Before: Arbitrator AlexRobertson (A), Respondent: CAcert (R), Claimant: Telmo M (C), Case: a20101111.1

History Log

Original Dispute, Discovery (Private Part) (optional)

EOT Private Part

1st Ruling

The claimant has failed to respond to three requests to confirm CCA acceptance so I dismiss this case.

I also open a new case a20131122.1 on the grounds of CCA 2.5.2 violation in that (C) has failed to respond to my requests.

Alex Robertson
CAcert Arbitrator
Crewe, UK
22nd November 2013

2nd Ruling

The claimant responded rapidly to the 1st ruling and has explained why he failed to respond earlier.

I am reinstating this case and withdrawing case a20131122.1

Alex Robertson
CAcert Arbitrator
Crewe, UK
24th November 2013

3rd Ruling

The claimant has requested a minor change to his account name to correct a spelling error made at the time of registration. Normally this might be handled under precedent case a20111204.3 however 1) this case predates that. 2) the claimant's country appears from the WOT lookup to be assurer-sparse - only 5 assurers are listed within 450 km of the capital (and the assurer who assured the claimant is not on that list) which could make getting 2 CARS statements difficult.

This is only a minor change (the transposition of two letters in a middle name) and the correct name has been confirmed by assurer of the only assurance on the account.
I therefore direct that support make the change requested.

Alex Robertson
CAcert Arbitrator
Crewe, UK
26th November 2013


Support are directed to make the change. For privacy reasons the instruction is in the private part of this case.

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