Hello support,

Since i am not allowed to assure somebody with a (part of a) name, which is 
not on his documents, i can't assure him:

His name in the documents reads 'Michel Rode' ... and his account in the 
CAcert-Database is listed as 'Michel rmichel Rode' ... with 120 
Assurance-Points ...

What is the next thing i should do? ... ;-)

have a nice day ... 

dirk astrath

Before: Arbitrator Ulrich Schroeter (A). Respondent: Michel Rode (R) Claimant: Dirk Astrath (C) Case: a20090618.8



Due to these facts I order the accounts name to be changed without the removal of any assurance or experience points. The respondant is requested to revoke currently valid certificates, however this is not an order and is left to the discretion of the respondant.

The certificates are not revoked mandatorily, because
 * the CPS only requires the name to be assured under Assurance Policy, which it was.
 * the Assurance Policy itself only requires that the Name, E-Mail and secondary distinguishing feature be known, which they are.
 * the current PracticeOnNames would suggest that the current account name is actually valid according to current policies and practices.

This ruling uses Arbitrations/a20090621.2 as a precedent. Please see that ruling for rationale.


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