Before: Arbitrator name arbitor (A), Respondent: Dariush Forouher (R), Claimant: Thorsten Bremer (C), Case: a20091231.1

History Log


The arbitration is rejected. Unless C is sure that R is not bearing a middle name this is not an arbitration case.

However, C cannot assure R with this CAP form using the current system, since he has not verified the middle name. So C should just dismiss the assurance and enter nothing into the system. As of AP, the assurance could just be done on the name without the middle name, but it is not supported at the moment by the CAcert software.

Post Ruling Case Notes

Martin Gummi (C2)

on my CAP form about <respondent> there is no middle name.
Please you to do a deeper check about the users account name against all
or the last assurances made because there is a possible data inconstancy
between ID docs, CAP forms and Account name at least from my and
<name anonymized> assurance.

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