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How to use OTRS

This Wiki page is seen in addition to the Triage, as support moved away from the originally support using just a mailbox to using a ticket system. Some of the terms originally used came thus obsolete. The basics of the front end are explained here OTRS basics

What is visible in OTRS?

All mails sent to support@c.o., paypal@c.o., gpg@c.o. are processed in OTRS. Some of the mails are processed automatically, all the rest is moved to the TRIAGE queue.

Only open tickets are visible in the different queues. Closed ticket can only be accessed if you search for them.

What queues can by used?

If you open the pull-down menu for the queues this list is visible.


Support Engineers Queue

In the SE Queue each SE is requested to categorize the tickets for statistical purpose. Therefore the Free Fields are used.


At the moment the following categories are available for the field "issue type":

Arbitration Support

any ticket regarding inquiry or execution request from an arbitrator

Code Signing

an user requests code signing ability

General Questions

any topic that is not yet categorized

Name Change with Assurance

Name Change Precedent Case

regarding the precedent case a20110119.1,a20200227.1,a20110213.1,a20110610.1

New Point Calculation

request after the newsletter "Thawte Points"

Old Style Password reset

Password reset with payment of 15 $

Organisation assurance

things that deal with Organisation Assurance

Password reset with Assurance

Revoke assurance

Signing request

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