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  1. A new bug number to create under
    • if the proposed table upgrade relates to an open bug, a new bug # should be opened to handle all database upgrades individualy with their own bug# and later reference to this database upgrade bug#
  2. The proposed table upgrades needs to be described formal
    • define structure field names, datatypes, table names
  3. Software-Assessment team deploys an update script
    • the script is the source for the upgrade process
    • the script has to handle the database revision #
  4. Software-Assessment team tests upgrade script on testserver
  5. Software testers tests functions in the webdb that are affected by the database upgrade (optional)
    • test reports to add under the bug#
    • new bugs related to the table upgrade process may result in new addtl. bug numbers that needs to be linked to the database upgrade bug # or can be handled within the same bug number
  6. database upgrade to schedule with proposed downtime
  7. Before starting an upgrade script, a database backup needs to be executed by Critical team
  8. The upgrade script to be executed by the Critical team
  9. Exec steps to document under the bug #

Involved teams

  1. Software developers
  2. Software Assessment
  3. Software testers
  4. Critical team



Database revision number

History of database upgrades

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