Committee Meeting 2021-11-04 (2021-11-05 in Australia)

The meeting will take place at 20:00 UTC in the IRC channel #board-meeting on the CAcert IRC network.

Northern Winter: 08:00 PM GMT = 21:00 CET = 15:00 New York EST = 07:00 Australia AEDT
Northern Summer: 08:00 PM GMT = 22:00 CEST = 16:00 New York EDT = 06:00 Australia AEST

Feel free to add a business item within the acceptance period of 48 hours or your question to the board below. Non-committee members: the committee may choose to convert any business proposed as a question in the questions section.

During the meeting, the following two additional channels are open to all members: (LINK WILL BE ADJUSTED BEFORE THE MEETING)


  1. Preliminaries
    1. Chair opens the Committee Meeting
    2. Who is making minutes? (Writing minutes in real time)

    3. Is there a time limit? Who is time keeper?
    4. Chair asks whether cacert-board-private or cacert-board maillist includes any items that need to be disclosed to Members.

    5. Accept minutes from 07.10.2021 "I move to accept the minutes of the committee meeting of 7th Oct 2021."

  2. Important points (cannot wait for the new committee in December)
    1. ...
    2. ...
  3. In view of the AGM, 13. Nov 2021
    1. see the timeline here:

    2. ...
    3. ...
  4. What the new committee should do (our suggestions)
    1. ...
  5. Question Time
    1. ...
    2. ...
  6. Closing

  1. AGM 13. Nov 2021 (no information at the moment, more will follow during September by the Secretary)
    1. 20:00 GMT = Geneva 21 h 00 = Sydney 07 h 00 DST = Greenwich (London) 20 h 00 = New York 15 h 00
    2. Even if the AGM will be held online, you may want to visit Geneva (or for your business trips or some "stay-at-home-holidays"), using this link:

    3. see the timeline here:

  1. Organisation Assurance
    1. How to relaunch OrgA? / Comment relancer OrgA? (Guy)

  1. Question Time

    Questions from community members can be added until beginning of committee meeting! As well questions can be asked at "Question Time", without added question here.

    1. I notice that the database is polluted with assurers that are no longer responding. I think it would be useful if once a year all the assurers that did not assure that year are addressed with the question whether they still want to stay listed. (ctjacobs, NL)
      • It is annoying when assurers do not respond. On the other hand, one should ask: why do they no longer answer? Did they say goodbye but not log off? Or are they waiting for better times and just pretending to be asleep until then? Or was now simply the wrong moment, a bad time? (secretary)
    2. "Question One." added by Your Name Comment: Replace "Question One" by your Question and add your name

      • ..
    3. Closing
      1. Agree on date of the next Committee Meeting: (30. Sept or) 4. Nov 2021
      2. Following meetings: 4. Nov, AGM 13.11.2021


Logfile from meeting 2021-11-04



Members of the Committee:

Committee meeting - 2021-11-04 - Participants

Members of the Committee:

Present, by alphabetical order

Brian McCullough

Etienne Ruedin

Frédéric Dumas

Michael Richardson

Peter Nunn

Absent or silent, by alphabetical order

Guy Scharinger

Sascha Ternes

Members of the CAcert community and other guests

Having been active during the meeting, by alphabetical order

Mitch Maifeld

Committee meeting - 2021-11-04

Our chair, Brian McCullough, opened the meeting at 20:01 UTC.

Acceptance of minutes

Motion to accept minutes from 07.10.2021

Votes: 4 Ayes, no Naye, no Abstain


Peter explained that he won't join CAcert's committee meeting again next year. He wanted to thank the present committee members for all of their time and friendship over the past few years, and he hoped that CAcert continues to move forward, under Brian's direction into the future.

Nominations to the 2021-2022 committee

The following members were nominated to sit at the next committee:

Brian McCullough; nominated by Peter Nunn; seconded by Frédéric Dumas

Dirk Astrath, nominated by Frédéric Dumas

Etienne Ruedin; nominated by Peter Nunn; seconded by Brian McCullough

Frédéric Dumas; nominated by Peter Nunn; seconded by Brian McCullough

Michael Richardson; nominated by Brian McCullough; seconded by Frédéric Dumas

Sascha Ternes; nominated by Brian McCullough, second by Etienne Ruedin

Wacław Schiller; nominated by Frederic, second by Etienne Ruedin

The committee is made of seven members. If over seven members are nominated, a vote shall determine who will be chosen for the 2021-2022 committee; the vote takes place during the Annual General Assembly of the 13th of November, 2021.

Unresponsive and Remote Assurers

Some of our Assurers do not respond to CAcert communications or to queries from members wishing to be assured. Should CAcert make an attempt to drop these Assurers? It would be risky as removing these people could shrink dramatically.

Brian recalls that the right place for talking about possibly adding remote assurance (for instance, by video link) could be the Policies group's mailing-list, as it is open to everybody.

Possible resolution at the coming AGM

Michael proposed to present a resolution at the AGM, regarding the possible remote assurance procedure, "*as a temporary measure* (during these "unprecedented times") , and with fewer assurer points involved."

Etienne objected that "This is IMHO not a topic for the AGM, but for the board. The AGM deals with budget, last year's finances, elections and statutes. It can be discussed, but then it goes to board or policy group."

Etienne lists possible things to be considered by the 2021-2022 committee:

Brian considers that are important:

Frederic reminds that we should open a euro account at the GKB, to avoid forced conversions between currencies.

Our chair, Brian McCullough, ended the meeting at 21:40 UTC.

Next meeting

The planning of future meetings is left to the next committee to be elected.

Logfile from meeting 2021-11-04

Committee next meeting date

The next meeting date will be announced by the new committee after the AGM.








prepare Agenda and Minutes for the next meeting

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