Committee Meeting 2020-08-13 (2020-08-14 in Australia)

The meeting will take place at 20:00 UTC in the IRC channel #board-meeting on the CAcert IRC network.

Northern Winter: 08:00 PM GMT = 21:00 CET = 15:00 New York EST = 07:00 Australia AEDT
Northern Summer: 08:00 PM GMT = 22:00 CEST = 16:00 New York EDT = 06:00 Australia AEST

Feel free to add a business item within the acceptance period of 48 hours or your question to the board below. Non-committee Members: Committee may choose to convert any business proposed as a question in the questions section.

This is a short meeting. You will miss some of your favourite topics that takes a lot of time. You may vote about minutes, agendas, etc. later. The goal of this meeting is to take at least two decisions that the teams can continue to work as hard as the did in the past weeks. If there is remaining time, we may share some information.


  1. Preliminaries
    1. Chair opens the Committee Meeting
    2. Who is making minutes?
    3. Is there a time limit? Who is time keeper?
    4. Chair asks whether cacert-board-private or cacert-board maillist includes any items that need to be disclosed to Members.

  2. Business

    Acceptance of Businesses 48 Hours before beginning of Committee Meeting latest!

    1. Future
      1. ??Arbitration: report on the progress with applicants
    2. Finance Team (for your information)
      1. PayPal account blocking --> Information: Bret from the finance sub committee is currently drafting the response to the AFCA. (Bret)

      2. European Bank Account --> Information: (Etienne)

      3. Bug 1493 (replace Paypal buttons on homepage)

    3. Infrastructure Status
      1. ??Applicants
      2. ??Hardware/Servers available and/or needed
        1. hot-spare signer
        2. moving sun1 to critical segment (as the old infra01-server is not needed for infra anymore)
    4. AGM Sat 2020-11-07-20:00 UTC
      1. Request for team reports (Etienne)
    5. Policy Group
      1. There was a short discussion about adjustments in view of the move to Europe. Vote coming up soon. Please participate. (Etienne)
    6. Software Team
      1. Bug 1482: (Limit validity period of new HTTPS certificates to one year)

      2. PHP (Brian)

      3. Keygen (Ted)

    7. ??Critical Team (decision)
      1. Status of applications for Critical/Infrastructure team
      2. Re-classification of CRL and OSCP (Dirk A.)
        • Critical Team would like to have an adjustment, since the CRL makes up a large part of the bandwidth of CAcert (and thus of BIT): CRL and OCSP should no longer be classified as critical systems, but under the control of the Critical Team. This would allow CRL and OSCP to be moved to another (non-CAcert server) can be outsourced to significantly reduce the bandwidth. Since these are both servers that decide on the validity of certificates (revoke), not "just any" of these servers should administrate. (mail from 12.12.2019 to the secretary)
          • Discussion and motion
  3. Question Time

    Questions from Community Members can be added until beginning of Committee Meeting! As well questions can be asked at "Question Time", without added Question here

    1. "Question One." added by Your Name Comment: Replace "Question One" by your Question and add your name

      • ..
    2. Closing
      1. Agree on date of the next Committee Meeting: 20. Aug 2020
      2. Chair closes the Committee Meeting


Logfile from meeting 2020-08-13


Minutes will be written once the meeting is finished, with tasks listed in action items and actions of this document.

Present: Frédéric, Frédéric, Sascha

Apologies: Etienne (late)


Guests: Egal


At 20:20 UTC Frédéric D took chair and opened the meeting.


Frédéric D shares ideas about opportunities for CAcert's non publicly trusted certificates to be useful on security hardware appliances. Theses ideas come from a partner of him, who sees there an opportunity for CAcert to find a possible "business model". Frédéric D proposes a conf. call with that partner, in order to explore further the topic.

Frédéric G reports about the current status of Paypal. The account is blocked for over 8 months. Bret and the AFCA have helped a lot in the last weeks. It is very time consuming.

The bank account in Europe is operational, first money has arrived. You can read more about it in the blog.Question Time

The remove of the Paypal buttons of the home page is ready for review.


We aggreed on Thu 2020-08-20-20:00 UTC for the next meeting. We aggreed on Sat 2020-11-07-20:00 UTC for the next AGM.

Chair closed the meeting at 21:44 UTC.








prepare Agenda and Minutes for the next meeting