Meeting of the Committee of CAcert Inc.

Friday 31.3.2017, 19:00 GMT = 21:00 CEST = 15:00 EDT


  1. Who is making minutes?
  2. Vacancies
    1. Committee (candidates from Australia)
      • Information, state of things. Election.
    2. P.O. (candidates from New South Wales)
      • Information, state of things. Election.
  3. Varia


Paricipants: Brian, Etienne, Gero.

  1. Who is making minutes?
    • The secretary does.
  2. Vacancies
    1. Committee
      • There are three candidates for three seats: Ross K., Peter N. and Alex S.. In this circumstances, it is proposed to vote in globo. There were no objection about this. Secretary asked if there were more questions. There were not. It is moved that the committee accept Ross Krumbholz (Qld), Alexander Samad (NSW), Peter Nunn (Vic.) as members of the committee by acclamation.
        After the vote, it was claimed from the floor, that there was no possibility to ask questions. "Do you know anything about their background? Do you know about possible conflicts of interest? Why only those 3 if there were about 12 members who responded, originally? Why did nobody answer M. as far as I get? Why are you not writing full names? Why didn't you answer partly? Did you consider and ask other AU members who are Inc members for some while? Had anybody had contact with any of the three beside of E.? Did you ask them for possible CoIs? Is this an online or an offline motion?"
        The secretary and the treasurer answered as much of this questions as possible, as they were posted in a rapid manner: We wrote invited everyone to apply to the association. The committee does not know the reasons, why only a quarter answered in the second tour. There are no conflict of interest known. The secretary did also a common background check. Regrading M. the treasurer didn't find the time to get all pieces together for acomplete answer.

The committee votes that the Secretary contact the three Australian CAcert Inc. members who have been accepted onto the board today, to notify them and confirm that there are no current conflicts of interest.

  1. P.O. (candidates must be resident in New South Wales)
    • Since we haven't actually had any formal volunteers for this role, chair asks for nominations from the floor. Alexander S. from the Sydney area, New South Wales, member of CAcert Inc. is nominated. As he is not present at the meeting, it is proposed to as him whether he is willing to do it "permanently," and if not, perhaps for a few months, instead. It is moved that the committee appoint Alexander Samad as new Public Officer. Furthermore, it is moved that the Secretary be directed to contact Alexander S., notifying him of this appointment, and with whatever information is necessary for him to assume the role of Public Officer. At the same time the Secretary shall contact Kevin D., notifying him of this appointment and asking for his assistance with the transition.
  1. Varia
    1. The meetings called for April 1st and 2nd will be cancelled, as the topics on the agenda are already processed.
    2. The next regular meeting will be held on April 5th.
    3. Question time
      • In addition to a few comments on the conduct of the meeting, a question already submitted under 2.1. was asked again. It was also criticized from the floor for the fact that the committee had not considered candidates who had not been mentioned before the meeting or during the meeting.


=== Actions ===not ready yet .....

See next meeting.

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