Committee Meeting 2012-12-23

The meeting will take place at 21:00 UTC in the IRC channel #board-meeting on the CAcert IRC network.

Committee Members: feel free to add a business within the acceptance period or your question to the board below. Others: add a question to the questions section.


  1. Minutes author prepares the minutes from the last meeting

  2. Minutes author prepares the action items. All action owners to update.

  3. Minutes author puts motion=m20121226.1 to accept the minutes


  1. Preliminaries
    1. Chair opens the Committee Meeting
    2. Accept the minutes from the last meeting.

    3. Who is making minutes?
    4. Chair asks whether cacert-board-private maillist includes any items that need to be disclosed to Members.

    5. Chair introduces the URL of action items to the meeting, and asks for discussion.

  2. Businesses

    Acceptance of Businesses 48 Hours before beginning of Committee Meeting latest!

    1. Finance report AGM 2012 (ongoing)
      • current state ?
      • action items ?
    2. Privacy and prior board decisions aka DPA issue
      • board to board transfer
    3. Payment to Oophaga for hosting costs late item added by Michael

      • See the mails on the board mailing list
    4. Business added by Your Name Comment: Replace "Business One" by Title of Business and add your Name

      • Additional Inputs Comment: Replace "Additional Inputs"by Description of Business, Description of Reason-Why/Purpose, Additional Comments, Additional Documents, Additional Links, if useful for other Committee Members to prepare for Committee Meeting.

    5. et cetera
  3. Question Time

    Questions from Community Members can be added until beginning of Committee Meeting! As well questions can be asked at "Question Time", without added Question here

    1. Appointment of a representative to Arbitration case a20110310.1 added by AlexRobertson

      • This is an appeal case raised by the Board - it was decided at a previous meeting to postpone appointing a representative until after the new Board was installed.
    2. Question One added by Your Name Comment: Replace "Question One" by Your Question and add your Name

      • et cetera
  4. Closing
    1. Agree on date of the next Committee Meeting
    2. Chair closes the Committee Meeting


1 Preliminaries

1.1 Opening

Present: Dirk, Kevin, Sven, Tomas, Werner, partially Michael
Meeting was chaired initially by Werner, then by Dirk.

1.2 Minutes from last meeting

1.3 Minutes taker

Minutes will be taken by Werner.

1.4 Disclosure of private communication


1.5 Action Items

Nothing discussed.

2 Business

2.1: Financial report the OFT part

Kevin is going to send the Financial Report to OFT.

It was moved unanimously to accept 2.3 as late business.

2.2 Privacy and prior board decisions aka DPA issue

It was deferred to the next board meeting. Michael and Werner shall prepare it and if possible call in Philipp Dunkel.

2.3 Payment to Oophaga for hosting costs

Just at the right time Michael arrived. The told us that he checked the payment and everything looks like okay. It is for 2012 and partly for 2011. This year the rack costs and phone line costs have somewhat increased. Robert is trying to get a deal for us so it gets cheaper.

The bill accounts for 4215.05 €, so we moved that we pay at most this amount with 5/1/0.

3 Question time

3.1 Appointment of a representative to Arbitration case a20110310.1

Since Alex-uk was not there, this point was deferred.

4 Closing

There will be regular meetings every second and fourth Sunday of a month at 21:00 UTC. The next meeting will be 2013-01-13.