Committee Meeting 2012-01-27

The meeting will take place at 20:00 UTC in the IRC channel #board-meeting on the CAcert IRC network.

Committee Members: feel free to add a business within the acceptance period or your question to the board below. Others: add a question to the questions section.


  1. Minutes author prepares the minutes from the last meeting

  2. Minutes author prepares the action items. All action owners to update.

  3. Minutes author puts motion m20120122.3 to accept the minutes


  1. Preliminaries
    1. Chair opens the Committee Meeting
    2. Accept the minutes from the last meeting.

    3. Who is making minutes?
    4. Chair asks whether cacert-board-private maillist includes any items that need to be disclosed to Members.

    5. Chair introduces the URL of action items to the meeting, and asks for discussion.

  2. Businesses Important Note: Acceptance of Businesses 48 Hours before beginning of Committee Meeting latest!

    1. CAcert Vision Statement added by BenediktHeintel

    2. Iang's Risk Analysis of root escrow added by Iang

      • confidentiality?
      • letter of engagement?
    3. Business added by Your Name Comment: Replace "Business One" by Title of Business and add your Name

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    4. et cetera
  3. Question Time Important Note: Questions from Community Members can be added until beginning of Committee Meeting! As well questions can be asked at "Question Time", without added Question here

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  4. Closing
    1. Confirm the next Committee Meeting
    2. Chair closes the Committee Meeting


1 Preliminaries

Present: Dirk, Ian, Jeffery, Kevin, Michael, Piers, Raoul, Tomas, Werner.

1.1 Open

Meeting chaired by Dirk

1.2 Last Meeting Minutes

Minutes from last meeting already accepted.

1.3 Minutes taker

Piers to take minutes.

1.4 cacert-board-private maillist

There is an ongoing discussion about privacy which will be dealt with in another board meeting to be convened at at separate time. Also discussion of a letter of engagement which resulted in agenda item 2.2 below.

1.5 Action Items

The Public Officer states that OFT have accepted the Annual Report, and the amendments to the Constitution which take effect from 9th January 2012. Rules of Association document to be updated to reflect date of AGM adopting changes, and effective date for OFT. Summary of changes to be posted by Kevin.

The advertising/logo-challenge has been delayed by the software-team.

Amazon have responded re the affiliates program. Marcus reports that it looks like we need to sign up for each country separately with separate accounts. Therefor he does not see that is the best affiliate program for our needs. We should look for a different program.

2 Business

2.1 CAcert Vision Statement

Proposer not online to discuss this item, which was therefore postponed to the next meeting.

2.2 Iang's Risk Analysis of root escrow

There was discussion around the issue of whether the report should be made public. The general feeling was that Ian should be able to publish the report with the proviso that risks should be notified beforehand.

Motion: "that the result of the risk analysis over root escrow, conducted by Ian Grigg, is not considered private and may published as soon as it is ready. Should there be any critical security vulnerabilities that affect our current operations Board considers it Ian's responsibility under existing policies to notify Board beforehand and delay publication until the issues could be resolved" carried.

There was also a discussion of the Letter of Engagement that the risk analysis requires:

Ian pointed out that there will be no expenses incured as a result of this process.

Motion: "that CAcert Inc issues a letter of engagement for the risk assesment carried out by Ian Grigg. Details will be discussed on the list." carried.

3 Questions

3.1 Private meeting to discuss privacy issue

The privacy issue has been discussed between Disk, Marcus, Benedict and Joachim, for which a summary will be posted to board-private by Dirk. This meeting will be continued at FOSDEM, after which further details will be posted to the board-private list, and a board meeting arranged.

3.2 TTP

Marcus announced that progress is being made with TTP, with a first test session for the US starting soon. Progress report to be posted to the board list next week.

4 Closing

4.1 Next meeting

Next meeting: Friday, February 10th 2012, 20:00 UTC

As the meeting time is non-standard, the secretary will post the meeting date to the public mailling list.



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