Committee Meeting 2011-07-10

This meeting is a continuation of the previous meeting.


Please see Agenda items of the previous meeting.


Present: Alexander, Dirk, Ian, Lambert, Piers.

Meeting chaired by Alexander.

Minutes taken by Piers.

2.2 Arbitration (Cont. from last meeting)

Must be addressed soon. Summary: not enough active arbitrators. Generic rulings may help. Further discussion postponed to next meeting, as Dirk is looking into issue and will have more information by then.

2.3 Financial Report 2009-1010

Corrected report has been sent to board. Report now to be posted to members list. Some concern expressed whether report now needs to be affirmed by the members before being submitted to OFT,

2.4 Software-Testers Reward Challenge 2011 - Results / Review

Point of challenge was to bring in more people, which seems so far to have failed. Also, European holdiday season is about to commence, so possibly bad timing. Direct face-to-face recruitment may work, but only locally. Suggestion for a "software test camp" (with free beer). Possible bar to testing created by audit requirements. Suggestion made for software development and testing to be enabled on non-audited system.

As original challenge offer was limited to two months, no need for any action to terminate it.

2.5 Advertising LogosForSale

(See LogosForSale.)

Idea goes as follows:

Need for enabling software to be developed and tested. Dirk has offered to do the coding. Piers to do the testing.

3.1 Question from Secure-u about renaming Secure-u to CAcert eV (by Secure-u, dirk)

(See PolicyOnFoundations.)

Two discussions ensued, about Secure-u's request, and about moving CAcert from Australia to Europe.

Secure-u has similar rules to CAcert, and its members are all CAcert members, so discussion canvassed idea of renaming Secure-u in order for it to become the new European CAcert Foundation.

Discussion to be continued.

4 Next Meeting

Next Meeting: Sunday, July 17th 2011, 21:00 UTC


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