Support and Arbitration,

as of board meeting 20091115, and motion 20091116.3:

     "Ian Grigg be appointed Support Officer temporarily,
     to immediately propose candidates for background checks,
     and to recommend a suitable replacement for the support
     officer role ASAP."

Therefore I would like to immediately file to conduct three Arbitrated 
Background Checks (ABCs) over these candidates:

Werner Dworak  (possible restart of currently frozen arbitration a20090525.2?)
Javier Fernandez Almirall
Nicholas Bebout

I would like to add that at the current point in time, we have no 
appointed support engineers.  If possible, than, I would request as 
claimant in these 3 separate cases that the process be fast, and that 
where past information is relevant (such as personal knowledge, ability 
to phone quickly, etc) this be considered if possible.

(Hence I post this as one mail, so CMs/Arbitrators can see the whole 


Before: Arbitrator none (A), Respondent: Nicholas Bebout (R), Claimant: CAcert represented by Iang (C), Case: a20091117.4

History Log

Private Part

EOT Private Part


The dispute was withdrawn by the claimant because of the time that has passed since the dispute and because of the respondent not being active in the according area any more. The withraw should only be understood in this sense.

No decision in any direction was done in this case.

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