The issue at hand is to do a background check on Pete Stephenson, before he can join the support team, which he has volunteered to do. There is NO WRONG DOING ALLEGED. This is a standard procedure to determine the suitability of a candidate to be given access to critical and sensitive systems.

Before: Arbitrator Andreas Bäßt (A). Respondent: Pete Stephenson (R) Claimant: CAcert represented by Ian Grigg (C) Case: a20090501.1

  1. 20090501 Support : Please assign a Case-Manager & Arbitrator from the arbitrators pool

  2. 20090519 Support : Lambert Hofstra is granted Arbitrator role
  3. 20090519 A: sent email to R and to potential interviewers
  4. 20090522 A: 3 volunteers, waiting for final decision, this is based on availability
  5. 20090624 Support : Arbitrator is Nick Bebout because Pete is english speaking it is easier to deal the background check
  6. 20091116 Mario Lipinski and Andreas Bäß will take over this arbitration as Nick Bebout can't act as arbitrator any longer
  7. 20091117 Requested background information and trying to setup a meeting
  8. 20091117 Pete is no longer availbale for joining the support team because of higher priorities he honestly can not make further commitments. He will come back to us as soon as his time constraints will relax.

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