From: Dax Van Camp
Subject: please remove me from the database

I was lookign for a Cert solution but will not use your services.
Please remove my account information

Dax Van Camp

Before: Arbitrator MarioLipinski (A). Respondent: CAcert (R) Claimant: Dax Van Camp (C) Case: a20090703.2



For discovery of the status of the account, the following SQL query was requested and executed:

SELECT id, fname, mname, lname, suffix, dob FROM `users` WHERE email = '<email>';
SELECT n.* FROM `users` u LEFT JOIN `notary` n ON n.`from`=u.`id` OR n.`to`=u.`id` WHERE u.`email` = '<email>';
SELECT d.`domain`, COUNT( FROM `users` u LEFT JOIN `domains` d ON d.`memid`=u.`id` LEFT JOIN domaincerts dc ON WHERE u.`email` = '<email>'  GROUP BY d.`id`;
SELECT COUNT( FROM `users` u LEFT JOIN emailcerts ec ON WHERE u.`email` = '<email>';


The account was already deleted. After reviewing discovery, C binding to CCA is terminated.


Account deletion


Account deletion

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