Could you tell my how to delete my account. I couldn't find any way to
do so - but it's my whish do clear all my data at your system.

(sent from website form)

Before: Arbitrator BernhardFröhlich (A), Respondent: CAcert (R), Claimant: Martin Pangert (C), Case: a20091119.1

History Log



Though the deletion of the account was not authorised at the time it was done there are no reasons against deleting the account. So no actual harm has been done this time.

I rule that the breach of support procedures shall be handled outside the scope of this case.

This case is closed now.


2009-02-02 (S) actually List of Assurances sent to (A), (C) has no certificates and Assurance points on his account, so (S) deleted acoount

2009-02-25 A: Sent notification to Claimant that the account has been deleted.

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User wants account deleted, no Assurance Points, no certificates

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