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Lesson 59 - Closing/Dismissing a case - Arbitration finishing

1. Re-check categories on case file

2. Close case file

3. Thank you

4. Remove case from pending cases page

  1. Open the Pending Arbitration Cases Wiki page -and-

  2. Switch to Pending Arbitration Cases and go in edit mode

  3. Mark the line of the case to close, select Copy
  4. Remove this line from the Pending Arbitration Cases page
  5. save the page.

5. Add case to closed cases page

  1. Switch to Arbitrations Closed page and go in edit mode

  2. Append the line copied to clipboard to the end of the list
  3. change the status from {o} running to {g} closed

  4. save the page.

6. Dismissing the case and sending it back to support

Sending a case back to support requires some further step, to be done in the OTRS :

  1. add a note to the case
  2. write why the case is dismissed, eg
    • "dismissed for the moment, please check Precedent cases first"
    • "moved wrongly into disputes queue"
    • "Dispute reason cannot be figured out, please contact claimant to request further infos, and redefine dispute"
  3. or add instructions for SE to understand why the case was dismissed
  4. move to "Support-Engineer" queue




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