Advice for new Board members

Obtain a email address by sending a request to

Board meetings are held in the channel #board-meeting on Board meetings are usually public. If any private business is to be transacted the discussion is moved to #board-private, but this will be announced in the public channel.

Voting is carried out in (log in with your CAcert client certificate). Note that you can change your vote any time up to the end. The votes already done are "by proxy" which is code for having been recorded in the meeting. Generally the meeting's activity is the primary, and the voting system then records what is done in the meeting for that vote. In this case it will be set to 3 days (shortest) and proxy votes entered by minutes-maker. Votes outside meetings are generally minimum 7 days. Anyone can propose a motion, any time... Volunteers to add some features to the minimalist PHP app can rest assured that they will be voted in to that task :)

New Board Check List

Once a new Board is put in place by the Association's AGM/General Meeting there are some general things to get through:

  1. Pick a date & time for the first meeting. One easy way is to be guided by the members from the previous board, and then at that first meeting, review the situation for all the new members.

  2. Change the list of committee members on CAcertInc.

  3. Review the "forward looking statement" in the annual report. The question of adoption or modification is up to each board.
  4. Contact the outgoing Treasurer, Secretary, and any other roles to get stuff handed over.

The handover has to be done by old board members within 2 weeks (Associations Act).

Immediate Business for every new Board

In the first meeting:

  1. choose some members for the roles of President, Secretary, Treasurer. In recent practice, we have moved to making these things more team oriented so that there is always extra hands to help.
  2. review the standing instructions for bank accounts, public officer, AU requirements.
  3. review the timings & dates for future meetings.

Immediate Business for the next Board (only)

  1. Hammer out a protocol for what AU board member sub-committee solution means, and what we have to do to meet our due diligence requirements. .

(change this list every new board)

Board Members

Tech / systems administrators

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Overview Projects

Overview Projects