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Setup Test environment

Working Test Case

Creating of a new account

Working/Create new user


Working/Password Login CAcert1

Test Case in development

Assure Someone

Marcus/Assure Someone
Problem with ticking "I meet personaly..."
Problem with script in line 104 character 2 error not implented Code 0 URL: https://cacert1.it-sls.de/wot.php?id=5

Create Certificate

Marcus/Create Class1
Problem with mapping Component see below
Problem with script in line 164 character 5 error CertEnroll::CX509EnrollmentWebClassFactory... Code 0 URL: https://cacert1.it-sls.de/account.php when reachinh the second page where the cryptho provider is selected. (IE 9, when testing outside test environment it works)

Example Case

open menu

see CAcert1/Wot/Expand WoT Menu
Type: Component With Text
Action: Click

Errors / Problems

Login on Test Management Server

Using the test environment IE with IE 9
Test Case Marcus/Verify Account 
The click on login button the clears all data entered.

The same behaviour when entering the data manually in the test environment.

Checking status

Is there a kind of if-structure in Jubula Test Case available?
I tried so far working with event handler but was not really successful

Mapping of components to AUT does not work properly

I try to map the component CLIENT_CERT_NEW_NEXT (Test Case: CAcert1/Client Cert/Client Cert) to the Next Button on the New Certificate page.<<BR>>
If I try to get the Technical Name to the Button in the OM (Object mapping) the system jumps alway to the Thechincal Name input[1] (the eigth one) that is bound to the Component Question1 Input.<<BR>>
As far as I can see it the technical name is given through the HTML-Structure of the page. In both case the structure points to the same place but different components. html.forms.input.text for the Question1 and html.forms.input.submit for the button. <<BR>>
The hierachy in both case html[1].body[1].pagecell1.content.div[1].form[1].table[1].tbody[1].tr[12].td[1].input[1] <<BR>>

This mapping structure will be also problem when trying to create a test case for certificates with two email addresses in the account as these email addresses are store in seperate rows so the hierachy for the test cases will be moved.

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