Internships are possible. This page describes some preliminary processes.


An Internship involves a natural conflict between the learning experiences for the Intern and the participation in the project. Because of the nature of Computer Science and other technology fields, learning by doing is essential.

Checklist For CAcert

Once a student and potential project is identified, the following checklist should be addressed.

  1. A supervisor should be identified.
  2. The project should be detailed.
  3. A reviewer should be identified.
  4. The obligations of student, org and supervisor(s) should be reviewed to be reasonable.
  5. The invitation should be extended by leader/board/pres.

Because of the time, opportunity and cost invested, this is no light thing. Before an invitation is extended, the checklist should be seriously covered. Note that the market is intensely competitive, so the process should be negotiated carefully.


President sends a letter with words like this:

In Progress

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