In the one point test of p20090105.1 pt 2, there is a need for evidence of agreement of the CCA. This is currently met by a signed CAP form in a person-to-person meeting. In the future, this might be extended to other methods that use country rules to provide sufficient legal backing to make the "contract" strong enough to bind the arbitration feature.

Here are some collected notes on possibilities to extend the one point rule. All are suggestions for thought, only, please add.


There is a post office system to show and evidence identity.


The US Mail system, which has strong legal backing. Any use of this system in a fraudulent way can bring the USPS in as inspectors and prosecutors, under the general felony of "Mail Fraud." In essence, send a fraudulent USPS mail, go to jail. Some possibilities exist for turning this into a strong backing for agreement to the CCA and the Assurance Statement.

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