Remote Assurance


As at April 2008 Remote Assurance Policy is a work-in-progress, under ongoing development on the cacert-policy list. In the interim the existing Trusted Third Party (TTP) program is still active.

This sub-policy extends the Assurance Policy ("AP") by specifying how assurances are to be remotely conducted for members where insufficient assurer(s) are available. A Remote Assurer ("RA") shall be assigned by a board-appointed Remote Assurance Officer ("RAO") to conduct the assurance to the satisfaction of the RAO using two Trusted Third Parties ("TTP"s).

Successful completion of the process shall result in the Assuree achieving the status of Assurer (eg the allocation of sufficient points to reach 100). However this status should not be considered permanent and the Assuree must seek assurance by the usual means as soon as practicable.


Please complete the Remote Assurance Form and send it to, digitally signed and/or in a digitally signed email (using an assured CAcert certificate).

If you are in a hurry try to contact the Remote Assurance Officer (see Officers).


The CAcert Remote Assurance Form will be made available in English.

It will be available in Open Document Text (ODT) and Portable Document Format (PDF).


The guiding document is the Remote Assurance Policy (WIP) is itself under the Assurance Policy (DRAFT). Both policies are currently being reviewed on the cacert-policy list.

Informations for (potential) Remote Assurers can be found in the RemoteAssuranceManual (TODO)

Country Notes

Methods to achieve identity verification may be useful, for example, for supplementing the 1 point test found in p20090105.1 pt 2.


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