Detailed Job Description

CAcert’s Public Relations Officer (PR Officer, PRO) will coordinate and write press releases or Publications in all areas of CAcert. This includes: Press Releases about CAcert itself, Event print and media data as Flyer, banners, Badges, etc., Pre-Event and After-Event Informations for the Organisation, …

In addition to the creation of the material, another part of the work is the proper delivery of that material, for example by sending to Blog Systems, Wiki Pages and by mail.

Also the Design Part where implemented in this area. Things like Graphic and typo Design, etc.

The position of the Public Relations Officer was filled by Henrik Heigl until 2009. Further Questions are welcome.

Thanks for your feedback!

Typical work activities


First is to build and enlarge the PublicRelationsDepartment


The board is currently handling press inquiries - contact for inquiries.

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