Assurance Policy Discussion Page

Assurance Policy is now POLICY. This current page is the discussion + suggested text only:

text for policy is in boxes.

See the Assurance Policy for formal text.

Assurance Policy History

Changes that have to be made to current Assurance practices to meet new assurance requirements:

6. Privacy

Suggested changes for Privacy section:

...The primary purpose for collecting Personal Information is to make claims within the certificates requested by Members, as described in detail in 1. Purpose, above....

The Member's personal information can be accessed under these circumstances:

    * From the Member's own certificates
    * Under Arbitrator ruling, in a duly filed dispute (Dispute Resolution Policy => COD7)
    * An Assurer in the process of an Assurance, as permitted by this policy and as requested by the Member.
    * CAcert support administration and CAcert systems administration when operating under the authority of Arbitrator or under CAcert policy.

The status of assurance is available to other Members.  Information requested by the Member in certificates is for privacy purposes to be considered as published by the Member.


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