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Installing a certificate in Outlook 2016

Attention, multiple certificate stores in Windows

It is misleading, when you clicked on the root certificates on the internet page of to import them, you were told that they were already imported. However, this only applied to the Firefox certificate store.

The error in Outlook 2016 is that the root certificates were not imported into the Windows certificate store.

After the certificates are manually imported into the Windows certificate store, the own certificates can also be used for email encryption.


You have to keep this in mind, at least if you work under Windows works. At Mozilla, every programme (Firefox, Thunderbird) uses its own certificate store. This also means that you have to import the roots in Firefox as well as in Thunderbird if you use both if you use both.

Some more background knowledge, if you are interested: The most other programmes under Windows use the Windows certificate store. Whereby there are also three variants the user memory, the global memory and the service memory. service memory (which I have never needed so far).

The global storage applies to all users on the computer and can also be used in a domain. and can also contain domain-wide entries in a domain. Only (domain) only (domain) admins have write access, but the root certificates look particularly good there and root certificates look particularly good and certificates for web servers are also usually stored there.

In the user memory, ordinary users can (normally) also store their own own certificates, both CA certificates and personal certificates. personal certificates.


Translated from the german original