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How to add a domain to your account (Step-by-step Guide)

Here a detailed description how to add a domain to your account.

Add a domain

If you want to add a domain to your account we have to check if you are in control of that domain. For that we send you an email to an address that belongs to that domain and you have to answer it. You do not need to have a regular mail server. It is sufficient if you manage to receive and answer that email once. For doing so you can play any tricks. See http://wiki.cacert.org/FAQ/HowThePingTestWorks and http://wiki.cacert.org/FAQ/NoDomainName.

If you did not get the verification email, you have to look in your system where and why it is blocked. Check firewalls, malware scanners, spam filters, greylisting and the like.

Please include your DNS setup or the one of your provider for the (e-mail) domain in question as another item to check thoroughly. We fully support IPv6 and use it preferably. So if you have an incomplete or faulty IPv6 configuration, the delivery of this mail fails, even if the IPv4 configuration is okay.

source: WD/15