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/!\ se zásadami TTP-Assisted-Assurance v KONCEPTU, tato stránka nebyla dosud schválena Důstojníkem pro zaručování (Assurance Officer, AO), takže nyní slouží pouze k archivním účelům a/nebo k revizi

From the TTP form:

The CAcert Trusted Third Party (TTP) Programme is designed to assure Internet
user identities through personal verification of government issued identity

The Applicant asks you to certify to CAcert that you have met with the Applicant and verified the Full Name, Date of Birth, and ID Numbers of the Applicant against two separate original government issued photo-identity documents. Once the photocopies of the photo IDs have been verified by the TTP they must be signed by the TTP with the statement 'I certify that this copy is a true copy of the original document'. The verified and signed photocopies of IDs are then to be included with the completed TTP forms and returned to CAcert Inc.

Please complete and sign this form, and sign the photocopies of the IDs, to
acknowledge that:

 1. You have viewed two of the Applicant's photo identity documents and you are
    convinced of their authenticity, and are convinced that the photos indeed
    depict the Applicant (allowed documents are government-issued documents with
    photos such as driver's license, passport, or others that are normally
    accepted as legal identification in your country; expired documents are allowed).

 2. You have verified that the Full Name, Date of Birth, and ID Numbers on the
    identity documents matches those filled in the Applicant section below and
    in the photocopies provided.

If you have ANY doubts or concerns about the identity of the Applicant then please
DO NOT COMPLETE AND SIGN this form. For more information about the Web of Trust,
including detailed guides for Trusted Third Parties,
please see: http://www.CAcert.org

Further Details

To confirm one's identity, all CAcert Assurers will require at least two forms of government-issued ID, with at least one of them having a photograph bearing a current reasonable likeness to the holder. This may be a passport, driver's license, birth certificate, etc. Insurance plans (other than government-related ones), credit cards (including those with photos), gym membership cards, etc., are NOT valid.

TTP needs TWO governmental-issued photo IDs.

National ID: This is the id# used on the primary photo ID you submit when you join. Typically passport #, Driver's license #, etc., Once entered this may not be changed for the account.

CAcert ID: This is the email address used when you register. This becomes your primary email address although you may add additional ones and/or change your primary email address at any time.

Availability in your country

Important: Check the TTP Availability information for your country.

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