/!\ with TTP-Assisted-Assurance Policy in DRAFT, this page has not been approved by AO currently. So its currently only for archival purposes and/or review

The CAcert Trusted Third Party (TTP) Programm is currently frozen. This is because the Assurance Policy requires all assurance to be done according to it or according to a subsidiary policy. There is no subsidiary policy in effect for TTP or similar, so it is not available.

If you wish to look at the progress of wip documents, try PolicyDrafts for latest info on what is being worked on, or ask the policy group.

See TTP for more general info on the programme.

Old Info

Before the above, TTP was no longer available in these countries:

This is because there is already a sufficient density of Assurers present in those countries.

Other countries take no effect of this (for now, pending policy). See also the AssurersTTPMatrix.

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