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Historical key numbers and CAcert's grow

CAcert's history

CAcert Inc. is an incorporated non-profit association registered with New South Wales (NSW), Australia. - It was incorporated by 24 July 2003, with the full association name CAcert Incorporated under the Incorporation No INC9880170. CAcert Inc. has a DUNS number 75-605-6102. ( A Copy of Certificate of Incorporation of CAcert is on this site:


After 161 users in the first year and about 3,000 in the following year, CAcert has in 2006, four years after project start, already 75,000 users with more than 200,000 certificates. The largest spread is found in Germany and the Netherlands, followed by Austria, the USA and Australia. The year 2007 is marked by significant changes in the field of infrastructure and human resource structure, whereby the association will provide the necessary capacity for continued exponential growth. ( / article as PDF from internet archive)

2007/03/09: Servers relocated from Australia to The Netherlands.

The CAcert certification service has outgrown its service hosting facility in Sydney, Australia. The CAcert service had to be relocated on very short notice, and was --as intermediate solution-- moved to Austria. Expected is that at the end of March 2007, CAcert will be rehosted in a permanent new facility in The Netherlands. The dutch foundation "Stichting Oophaga" was erected in February 2007, dedicated to maintain CAcert as highly reliable and highly secure service. Hardware and maintenance was donated by BIT (the secure internet service provision), SUN/AMD (4 servers), Tunix (two servers and two firewalls), Cisco (two switches), and NetApp (NAS disks). Financial and administrative support comes from HCC, the foundation Stichting NLnet, NLUUG, and IAE. ( bit.png

2007/09/14: Equipment moved to Holland. New intermediate board elected. Plans for new regulation, to be discussed at TOP Hackathon.

Servers moves to the Netherlands CAcert has rehosted in 2007 their CAcert server from Sydney Australia to Holland. To accomplish this, a foundation Stichting Oophaga Foundation was set up. NLnet and other parties sponsor this new foundation.

Oophaga machinery was donated by SUN, Tunix, Net Apps, Cisco, and BIT. It got installed in a rack at the BIT ISP in Ede, Holland. tunix.png

Duane Groth --the initiator of CAcert-- has announced his resignation. In a Special General Meeting, the participants voted on an intermediate board. The board has three members: Greg Rose (chair), Robert Cruikshank (treasurer), and Evaldo Gardenali (secretary). Plans were made to update regulations for membership, policies, finances, and control of operations.

An Advisory team of three (Teus Hagen of NLnet, Ian Grigg -audit, Jens Paul -assurances) is preparing the hackathon "CAcert TOP" on 17th - 21st September in 2007 Germany. NLnet is fully sponsoring this meeting, hotel, and travel assistance. (

The foundation "Stichting Oophaga" facilitated technical solutions to Internet privacy initiatives as CACert. In 2015, these tasks were passed on to Secure-U! e.V.


Head offices in New South Wales

Please note, this is a page about the history of CAcert. Do not use this historical addresses to contact CAcert.
This were our postal addresses. Our offices are not necessarily located here.

* Following Internet Archive


On this site, you find all the former members of the committee of CAcert. Inc. since the first days.

Growth by year

See the statistics about the growth by year since 2002 and the last twelve month here:


CAcert is reliant on money to maintain technical operations. Only a few members of the community are also members of the association and pay the annual contribution. Others donate a freely chosen amount. In addition, there have been and are always organisations and companies that have supported CAcert generously.

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