HowTO ChangeDateOfBirth (DOB)

CAcert is based on the "Identity" model to create the Web of Trust (WoT). This differs from the "Financial" model used by other certificate authorities (CA). In the "Identity" model; to establish identity, of all the pieces of personal information the identify you, your name and your date of birth are the most likely not to change, the least intrusive, and therefore are the minimum amount of information CAcert uses to be able to affirm your "Identity".

Having your account reflect your correct DOB is required to receive Assurance points to gain access to CAcert’s higher level features. See CAcert Point System

It is easy to make a mistake in the form, and you may change your date of birth only when your account has 0 points. If you have already been assured, the assurance points will need to be deleted. Notify each assurer of the change and to contact you directly, see the "My Points" in your user account. Contact CAcert Support< > requesting to change your DOB. Correct your date of birth, and then notify the assurers to do their assurance again (if their forms have the correct DOB on it).