Attention: This page is outdated, as the CPS is currently in POLICY status. However the open points may remaind.

The DRAFT of the Certification Practice Statement (CPS) is available at:


DRAFT means it is binding on the community, but final changes are still being made by the policy group. The CPS is CAcert Official Document COD6. An overview on all CODs can be found in the Controlled Document List.


A very old deprecated CPS was at https: //www.cacert.org/ cps.php. This is now struck down by Policy Group p20091106 and has been removed / redirected to the above.

CPSs of other CAs

For your inspiration see some CPSs of other CAs below. Note that the documents of other CAs are generally not relevant to CAcert as our model is very different, and we write our policies from scratch to suit our community.

Non profit CAs

CPS of EuroPKI a "no-profit organization established to create and develop a pan-european public-key infrastructure".

EuroPKI Austria

Commercial CAs



Other references

Mozilla - Included Certificate List This is a list of companies and certificates included in the Mozilla project Root CA store after March 1st, 2007.

Mozilla - Pending Certificate List This is a list of companies and certificates which have applied for inclusion into the Mozilla project Root CA store, and whose applications are pending.

Incisive Commentary

Work-in-progress versions of the CPS were subject to fierce critcism: 341 327 364 153 424 87 538 221 257 511 46 225

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