Public Officer


The Public Officer is the Association representative and official signatory to the Office of Fair Trading.


  1. An association's committee must appoint a public officer.
  2. The public officer must be a person who is aged 18 years or more and is ordinarily resident in New South Wales. Note: An association's registration is liable to be cancelled if its public officer does not comply with this subsection.
  3. The position of public officer may, but need not be, held by a committee member.
  4. The public officer's acts are valid despite any defect in his or her appointment.
  5. The first public officer of an association is the person nominated as public officer in the application for registration of the association.
  6. Within 28 days after taking office as an association's public officer (other than its first public officer), a person must notify the Secretary, in the approved form, of:
    1. the person's full name and date of birth, and
    2. an address within New South Wales:
      1. at which the person can generally be found, and
      2. at which documents can be served on the association by post, and
    3. the fact that the person has taken office as public officer.
  7. If there is any change in the address of the public officer of an association, the public officer must notify the Secretary, in the approved form, of the new address within 28 days after the change occurs.

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