''SGM for winding down CAcert Inc'' as sent by Eva Stoewe

Introduction, Resolution

Submitted to secretary on 2016-12-04

Discussion if a need for a SGM on the topic of closure of CAcert Inc would be regarded to be necessary by the membership. Such a discussion best should be after the special resolutions are handled. It is especially meant for the case that none of the second to last special resolutions were accepted.

A possible resolution would be:

"Resolved that the committee should call for an SGM within the next 3 months as the membership sees the need to resolve the possibility of winding down of CAcert Inc if there are not enough Australian board members or a NSW PO, but does not consider the current selection of special resolutions to be matching or sufficient. Members should be able to discuss and propose any such resolutions in advance, the committee than would have to add any such resolution that found some support to the agenda of the SGM, additionally to any resolution added by the committee."

Possible alternatives if so discussed: 2 months, 4 months, 6 months.

Please note, that this would allow ANY possible kind of resolution, based on what amendments or even new resolutions would be presented for that SGM.

The idea is to state the need for a resolution on this topic as a signal to the OFT, even if we cannot agree on an answer at this AGM. It then would be possible to forge any possible consent of the former discussion into resolutions for that SGM.



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