Committee Meeting 2022-08-04

The meeting will take place at 19:00 UTC in the IRC channel #board-meeting on the CAcert IRC network.

Feel free to add a business item within the acceptance period of 48 hours or your question to the board below. Non-committee members: the committee may choose to convert any business proposed as a question in the questions section.


Signs that appear in the agenda
<!> Formulated motion on your topic. It will be put to the vote. Adjustments may be made before the vote. A motion must be submitted for resolutions!
{i} Information for your attention. Does not need to be explained or discussed at the meeting. Purpose: Everyone is up to date.

  1. Preliminaries
    1. Chair opens the Committee Meeting
    2. Who is making minutes? ### (Writing minutes in real time)

    3. Chair asks whether cacert-board-private or cacert-board maillist includes any items that need to be disclosed to Members.

    4. Accept minutes from 7. July 2022 <!> "I move to accept the minutes of the committee meeting of 7th of July 2022."

  2. Business

    Acceptance of new business items no later than 48 hours before the start of the committee meeting!

    1. Quick decisions
      1. <!> Maybe* "I move to accept the background check for Gero T." (*the BGC is done, decision can be taken if it arrives before the meeting, if not, decision to be taken on a later meeting)

    2. Quick infos
      1. {i} CCA update has been initiated. (Dirk and Etienne discussed the matter in July, it comes... ad new IBAN in Feb, review in March, sent in spring after new firewall installed)

      2. {i} Wiki Admin: Names are transferred to Mario for Wiki edit access. see here; Secretary asked about the state of affairs at the beginning of July and beginning of August.

      3. {i} Mario asked the secretary to ping him until he has done it (3. Aug. 2022)

    3. Finance team (Michael)

      1. New ERP: Info: State of affairs
      2. {i} Secretary started signing new base contract procedure with GKB, EUR account follows just after.

    4. OpenID Connect (Brian) (integration / what is done / what will be done until end of year / Board asks whether there is anything that they can do to assist)

      1. /!\ At present, there is a need for people who are willing to edit and create appropriate documentation for various audiences. --> involve partner organisations? e.g. via mailing list (Linux Australia comes to mind, also x, y, z?)

      2. Update
        1. It has been recommended that I (Brian) proceed with completing the coding, and ask for volunteers again afterwards. I will do so. Report about June/July progress.
    5. Future of secureU e.V. (Information)
      1. {i} Frédéric and Dirk startet some paperwork; Mark O and Etienne R are waiting until this is done.

    6. Background Check (Ted)

      1. {i} BGC for Gero: Interview happend (by Ted&Etienne), report will be sent to committee soon.

      2. {i} BGC for Peter is initated. (date searching; Interview by Ted&Egal)

      3. {i} BGC for Kim, Matthias and Sascha are initated. (date searching started in August)

    7. Events
      1. Froscon

        1. {i} CAcert @ Froscon (Germany): / PR will contact assurers from around within next days (3.8.22)

        2. /!\ Please ask friends to subscribe to Froscon /!\

      2. {i} LCA 2023 (Australia): call for presentations (sent to 711 subscribers at cacert@lists):

    8. New CSR software (Ted)

      1. Brian and Dirk have been looking at possible updates for this software. There appear to be two current options, one from Jan.
    9. Remote Assurance (Brian)

      1. {i} Creation of remote assurance sub committee (RASC) on the hold until Eva is available for the policy.

    10. Annual General Meeting
      1. <!> Fix the date (Commitee) "I move to fix Saturdday, 12.Nov.2022, xx:00 UTC for the Annual General Meeting."

      2. Start Reports (Teams, Secretary, Treasurer); secretary has to contact team leaders
  3. Question Time

    Questions from community members can be added until beginning of committee meeting! As well questions can be asked at "Question Time", without added question here.

    1. "Question One." added by Your Name Comment: Replace "Question One" by your Question and add your name

      • ..
    2. Closing
      1. Agree on date of the next Committee Meeting: 1. Sept. 2022
      2. Agree on the following meeting dates: 1. Sept., 6. Okt., 3. Nov. 2022 (keep date free, can be changed if necessary)
    3. To remember: Goals 2021/2022 (propositions by board 2020/2021) - Each goal needs a responsible person on the board who keeps an eye on it and reports regularly, keeps in touch with the responsible people. {X} obsolete / (./) started / {OK} waiting for available time

      • push OrgA (Guy)
      • expand PR (Alex cannot do this, wants to hand over)
      • {X} support SecureU (find an active board member for them in Germany)

      • (./) expand background check

      • simplify the certificate creation (this enables the start of various projects from the pipeline)
      • {OK} remote assurance, if accepted by the community;

      • software development and testing
      • (./) delivering the OpenID Connect integration, for which CAcert is funded by the RIPE NCC.

    4. Not to forget: Staffing the teams
      1. Applicants to the Infrastructure team
      2. Applicants to the Development team
      3. Applicant to the Critical team

  1. Access to local systems for board members



Committee Archive






































1. Tasks assigned to Board Members and others




Other People Involved



Contact QA/QC Volunteers

10 January 2022

Gero Treuner, Peter Nunn, others?

To begin work, they do not need ABC.











  1. Software Team
    1. Issue 1502: Adapt the UI at to deal with the "keygen" feature having been removed in browsers

    2. Issue 1482: Limit validity period of new HTTPS certificates to one year

    3. Issue 1444: PHP - Brian

    4. Issue 1417: Keygen / new CSR software - Bernhard

  2. Organisation Assurance
    1. How to relance OrgA? (Guy)
  3. Grant applications
    1. Protopype Fund (mail to SW Board only)

      1. The Prototype Fund is a project of the Open Knowledge Foundation Germany, funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). This is for residents of Germany only. We could create a group of people that work on a project for CAcert (with all support of the others in the background). It runs for two more years, every 6 month.
      2. Infra does not see any acute need at the moment, and does not have the capacity to provide qualified support.
      3. There are some ideas for software, but in infra's view there is still a lot of conceptual and preparatory work missing. What Infra could imagine is financing people to carry out a requirements analysis and write a requirements and test specification. This could then be used as a basis for a new implementation of the CAcert software (WebDB, Signer and perhaps other things like CATS). But these are just a few ideas of JanDD and he cannot currently recommend any people who would be suitable for this. Potential candidates would have to deal intensively with the existing software on the one hand and with the underlying policies on the other, and would have to identify a lot of missing information, ask for it and make assumptions for discussion. This requires very good analytical and communication skills and a high level of stamina.
  1. Blockchain
    1. see here: (waiting for answer from IanG)

Committee meeting - 2022-08-04


Members of the Committee:

Present, by alphabetical order

Brian McCullough

Etienne Ruedin

Frédéric Dumas

Kim Nilsson

Michael Richardson

Absent or silent, by alphabetical order

Sascha Ternes


Members of the CAcert community and other guests

Having been active during the meeting, by alphabetical order

Aleš Kastner - did not participate

Dirk Astrath


1.1 Opening: Chair, Brian, opens the meeting at 19:18 UTC.

1.2 Kim takes minutes, using text in Nextcloud. 🙂

1.4 Minutes from 2022-07-07 accepted.

2.1.1 BGC for Gero T - still awaiting result from Gero T.

2.2.2 & 2.2.3 Etienne emailed Mario to fix wiki access for Michael & kim, and admin access for Etienne. Still waiting for response.

2.3 - Michael received bank statements from Westpac for 2021/2022 and will update spreadsheets about finances, waiting for the Euro account to be able to spend some of that money.

2.3.1 Frederic is on the rollout of the NextERP. It's coming.

2.3.2 Etienne will resign a contract with the bank in paper. Waiting for post. that will get CAcert that Euro account.

2.4 Brian is going to look over Jan's recent code restructuring, and adjust his own code to Jan's. Looks like he'll be able to adhere to Dirk's desired timeline.

2.5.1 future of secure-U - Michael asked for an inventory. Frédéric and Dirk started some paperwork; Mark O and Etienne R are waiting until this is done.

Michael moves that the transfer of the contract at BIT from secureU to CAcert be signed by CAcert Inc. Motion accepted.

2.6. Ted is actively searching dates for new checks. Dirk will help out during the BGCs. Kim will be available to be BGC:d anytime. Froscon - CAcert @ Froscon (Germany): / PR will contact assurers from around the event within next days (3.8.22) to help out with assuring.

Dirk suggests people at events bring text from critical systems to the event.

2.8 New CSR - any movement? Kim suggests taking it off the agenda, and Brian says to put in the To Remember list. Etienne will fix.

2.9.1 Creation of remote assurance sub committee (RASC) on the hold until Eva is available for the policy. Basically we're just waiting for Eva, who has shown interest for working on this.

2.10 AGM

2.10.1 Etienne moved to fix Saturday, 12.Nov.2022, 20:00 UTC for the Annual General Meeting. All agreed.

2.10.2 Etienne will remind teams of their reports for the AGM.

3 Question time

3.1 Frederic asked if CAcert's domains should be transferred to another registrar, which has been suggested by Dirk before. It will be added to the agenda of board meeting in September.

3.2 3.2. Board meetings: Was the starting time 19 UTC only for this month (as we did 20 UTC in the other years and 18 UTC earlier this year) or for ever? Kim reminded everyone that se said to start 18:00/19:00 alternating months (even month 18:00, odd 19:00). It's decided that 1st September meeting will be at 18:00 UTC.

Chair ended the meeting at 20:46 UTC wishing everyone a good night.


Logfile from meeting 2022-08-04








prepare Agenda and Minutes for the next meeting


Software meeting

every 2 month



accounts, contact with treasurer

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