Log of Board-meeting 2018-06-07-20:00 UTC

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07.06.2018 [21:31:09] <bdmc> Starting in half an hour?
07.06.2018 [21:58:50] <Peter> Good morning from Aus.
07.06.2018 [21:59:42] <bdmc> Good morning, Peter.  It is hot and sunny here in Charlotte, North Carolina.  ( I am working at a conference this weekend, getting set up today. )
07.06.2018 [22:00:15] <bdmc> My phone says 32 degrees.
07.06.2018 [22:01:29] <Peter> NASCAR hall of fame?
07.06.2018 [22:01:58] <Peter> NoDa Brewing
07.06.2018 [22:01:59] <bdmc> It's probably around here somewhere.   This is the SouthEastLinuxFest.org.
07.06.2018 [22:02:19] <Peter> Reading the What's New in Charlotte
07.06.2018 [22:02:25] <Etienne> Good Morning, Peter (I assisted just to the sunset in my garden some minutes ago), hello Brian
07.06.2018 [22:02:29] <bdmc> B-)
07.06.2018 [22:02:44] <bdmc> 'Evening Etienne.
07.06.2018 [22:02:49] <bdmc> Another Peter heard from.
07.06.2018 [22:02:57] <pnunn> Morning all.
07.06.2018 [22:03:29] <Etienne> Good Morning pnunn
07.06.2018 [22:07:34] <frederic> Hello fellows
07.06.2018 [22:07:47] <bdmc> Well, since it is now XX:05, I guess that I should call this meeting to order.
07.06.2018 [22:07:50] <pnunn> Morning frederic
07.06.2018 [22:08:09] <bdmc> Welcome, Frederic.
07.06.2018 [22:08:33] <bdmc> Our first order of business will be to clean up all of our old Minutes.
07.06.2018 [22:08:53] <bdmc> Has everybody got their Agendas available?
07.06.2018 [22:09:18] <pnunn> Yep.
07.06.2018 [22:09:21] <Etienne> The GDPR-meeting minutes (24-05-2018) are not ready now.
07.06.2018 [22:09:33] <bdmc> Should we set a short time limit, or go for not more than two hours?
07.06.2018 [22:09:49] <bdmc> Etienne: Thank you, we won't do that.
07.06.2018 [22:10:22] <pnunn> 2 hours would be good.
07.06.2018 [22:10:43] <Etienne> 2 hours is OK, 90 minutes would be better ;-)
07.06.2018 [22:10:53] <bdmc> My time is 16:08.  I intend to be done by 18:00 at the latest.
07.06.2018 [22:11:41] <bdmc> OK.  So, first we have the minutes for the meeting of May 3rd.
07.06.2018 [22:12:05] <pnunn> I move they be accepted.
07.06.2018 [22:12:29] <bdmc> I have a question for Etienne.
07.06.2018 [22:12:53] <Etienne> yes?
07.06.2018 [22:13:11] <bdmc> Just under Preliminaries, it says "The minutes from May 3rd are accepted."   ???
07.06.2018 [22:13:34] <bdmc> These ARE the minutes for May 3rd, aren't they?
07.06.2018 [22:16:33] <Etienne> Yes, this is a mistake, we accepted the minutes from April, 5th, as this was the meeting before (no mention of the date in the log file)
07.06.2018 [22:17:28] <bdmc> Can I suggest that we amend these minutes accordingly?   I can vote for acceptance with that change.
07.06.2018 [22:22:12] <bdmc> I will second pnunn's motion.
07.06.2018 [22:22:27] <Etienne> aye
07.06.2018 [22:22:34] <bdmc> aye
07.06.2018 [22:22:40] <pnunn> aye
07.06.2018 [22:22:41] <Peter> aye
07.06.2018 [22:23:27] <bdmc> Next, the minutes from the meeting of May 18th.
07.06.2018 [22:24:08] <pnunn> I cann't help with the next two sadly as I was absent.
07.06.2018 [22:24:35] <bdmc> They seem to be short and sweet.  I move for acceptance.
07.06.2018 [22:24:49] <Peter> aye
07.06.2018 [22:25:08] <pnunn> abst
07.06.2018 [22:25:12] <frederic> abstain
07.06.2018 [22:25:23] <bdmc> aye
07.06.2018 [22:25:33] <Etienne> aye
07.06.2018 [22:26:18] <bdmc> And, finally, the minutes for May 24th.
07.06.2018 [22:26:29] <Etienne> Sorry, not ready yet.
07.06.2018 [22:27:08] <bdmc> I see that.  I also did not chair it.
07.06.2018 [22:27:18] <bdmc> OK, no comments about May 24th.
07.06.2018 [22:27:26] <bdmc> On to Action Items.
07.06.2018 [22:27:40] <bdmc> We'll come back to mailing lists in a moment.
07.06.2018 [22:28:56] <bdmc> I don't see anything on the Action Items lists that are not included in the Agenda already.
07.06.2018 [22:29:23] <bdmc> Anything in the board or board-private mailing lists?
07.06.2018 [22:30:23] <pnunn> I saw nothing not already covered by the agenda.
07.06.2018 [22:30:39] <bdmc> Thank you.
07.06.2018 [22:30:43] <Etienne> The mail from Wytze will be the starting point for an overview that has to be written by the secretary or the data protection officer.
07.06.2018 [22:31:05] <bdmc> On to section 2, Business.
07.06.2018 [22:31:18] <bdmc> Item 2.1.1.
07.06.2018 [22:31:26] <bdmc> Anything on this yet, Etienne?
07.06.2018 [22:34:42] <bdmc> Nothing heard.  Item 2.1.2
07.06.2018 [22:34:47] <Etienne> Maybe someone else will try to knock at the door? Or do a phone call ( I do not have a phone number).
07.06.2018 [22:35:02] <bdmc> I know of at least two new members.  Are there others?
07.06.2018 [22:35:18] <Etienne> I know from two:
07.06.2018 [22:35:33] <pnunn> Ahh.. was about to ask if you had a phone number you could give me off list..
07.06.2018 [22:35:58] <bdmc> Good.  You two take care of that.  Thank you.
07.06.2018 [22:36:47] <Etienne> As we are not in the EU (you and I), I can try to do some social engeneering for that.
07.06.2018 [22:37:06] <pnunn> Etienne maybe give me his contact details off list and I'll try and look him up. I'm going to Sydney next week by the looks of things.
07.06.2018 [22:37:25] <Etienne> pnunn: Ii will do my best.
07.06.2018 [22:37:37] <bdmc> Would somebody like to list the new applicants individually, and we will vote on each, or do them all together?
07.06.2018 [22:37:54] <pnunn> Together should be fine shouldn't it?
07.06.2018 [22:38:14] <Etienne> I, Pierre-Olivier Mercier, of xx avenue xxxxx, xxxxx, France
07.06.2018 [22:38:14] <Etienne> hereby apply to become a member of CAcert Incorporated. In the event of
07.06.2018 [22:38:14] <Etienne> my admission as a member, I agree to be bound by the rules of the
07.06.2018 [22:38:14] <Etienne> association for the time being in force.
07.06.2018 [22:38:14] <Etienne> Pierre-Olivier Mercier, CARS
07.06.2018 [22:38:14] <Etienne> Date 2018-06-07
07.06.2018 [22:38:18] <GuKKDevel> I think there is a procedure
07.06.2018 [22:38:58] <Etienne> I, Alain Vaugham, of xx route de xxxxx, xxxxx, France, hereby
07.06.2018 [22:38:59] <Etienne> apply to become a member of CAcert Incorporated. 
07.06.2018 [22:38:59] <Etienne> In the event of my admission as a member, I agree to be bound by the
07.06.2018 [22:38:59] <Etienne> rules of the association for the time being in force.
07.06.2018 [22:38:59] <Etienne> Alain Vaugham, CARS
07.06.2018 [22:38:59] <Etienne> Date 2018-06-07
07.06.2018 [22:39:21] <Etienne> Procedure: Someone has to second the propositions.
07.06.2018 [22:39:33] <Etienne> Maybe Frédéric can give us first some details?
07.06.2018 [22:39:38] <bdmc> Yes, as I remember, one of us will "sponsor" each of them, and then we proceed.
07.06.2018 [22:39:51] <GuKKDevel> and someone has to do the proposition
07.06.2018 [22:40:51] <Etienne> frederic, do you know Pierre-Olivier or Alain?
07.06.2018 [22:40:55] <bdmc> Frederic, do you want to sponsor both, since, as I understand, you know them both.
07.06.2018 [22:42:07] <frederic> Yes, I attracted all (3) of them. What is the regular procedure, literally speaking, as I am a newbie?
07.06.2018 [22:42:38] <bdmc> frederic: who is the third?
07.06.2018 [22:42:49] <frederic> Christophe Berger
07.06.2018 [22:43:04] <bdmc> Of course.
07.06.2018 [22:44:04] <bdmc> All right.  You should make a statement something like: I, Frederic..., being a member of CAcert, Inc. do sponsor XXX to become a member of that organisation.  Does that sound reasonable?
07.06.2018 [22:45:11] <bdmc> Everybody agree?
07.06.2018 [22:45:53] <Peter> aye
07.06.2018 [22:45:57] <Etienne> And one of us will second it.
07.06.2018 [22:46:33] <frederic> I, FredericGrither, being a member of CAcert, Inc. do sponsor Alain Vaugham, Pierre-Olivier Mercier and Christophe Berger to become members of that organisation
07.06.2018 [22:47:10] <bdmc> Sounds good.  I will second Christophe Berger.
07.06.2018 [22:47:29] <pnunn> aye
07.06.2018 [22:47:40] <Etienne> I will second Pierre-Olivier Mercier.
07.06.2018 [22:48:00] <pnunn> aye
07.06.2018 [22:48:28] <Etienne> and Alain Vaugham.
07.06.2018 [22:48:36] <Peter> aye
07.06.2018 [22:48:39] <pnunn> aye
07.06.2018 [22:48:40] <bdmc> aye to all three
07.06.2018 [22:48:41] <Etienne> aye, aye, aye
07.06.2018 [22:49:20] <frederic> Thank you for your warm welcome in their names
07.06.2018 [22:49:37] <bdmc> That looks like we are done with 2.1.2.
07.06.2018 [22:49:46] <bdmc> Item 2.1.3   The GDPR.
07.06.2018 [22:51:17] <Etienne> GDPR: Our Data protection officer accepted the appointment, but he has to resign in April 2019, as the UK will leave the EU.
07.06.2018 [22:51:46] <Etienne> Our declaration is available in English, Czech, German (French and Dutch under way)
07.06.2018 [22:52:08] <bdmc> Well, that gives us some time, but we need to keep this on our ToDo list.
07.06.2018 [22:52:21] <Etienne> One bug is filed, one will be (for pop up and footer)
07.06.2018 [22:52:51] <bdmc> Good, thank you.
07.06.2018 [22:53:11] <bdmc> Item 2.2.1.  Bug 1260 -- PHP Code work.
07.06.2018 [22:53:42] <bdmc> Skeeper: welcome to the party.
07.06.2018 [22:54:02] <bdmc> Anybody with comments on Bug 1260's progress?
07.06.2018 [22:56:15] <Skeeper> Hi, it's Christophe. Just beeing admitted as a member, thanks
07.06.2018 [22:57:06] <bdmc> Item 2.2.2  Bug 1417 -- Certification Generation issues.
07.06.2018 [22:57:25] <bdmc> Any comments here?
07.06.2018 [22:57:48] <bdmc> Thank you Christophe.  Interesting IRC handle.
07.06.2018 [22:58:27] <bdmc> Finally, Item 2.2.3 -- Bug 1432.
07.06.2018 [22:59:45] <bdmc> Nothing heard.  Moving on.
07.06.2018 [23:00:10] <bdmc> Item 2.3.1 -- Our fund-raising efforts.
07.06.2018 [23:00:38] <bdmc> Anybody want to comment on general items?
07.06.2018 [23:00:51] <bdmc> I will speak to 2.3.2, of course.
07.06.2018 [23:02:05] <frederic> Unable to comment yet. Too new on the job. Intend to provide monthly reports and some ways to fund
07.06.2018 [23:02:38] <Etienne> What about: https://wiki.cacert.org/Brain/CAcertInc/Committee/MeetingAgendasAndMinutes/2018-03-01/ideas#A20_Wall_Calendar
07.06.2018 [23:02:46] <bdmc> Understood.  I sometimes worry that I am moving ahead too rapidly, but expect people to speak up if I miss something.
07.06.2018 [23:03:04] <bdmc> I thought that that was a good idea, Etienne.
07.06.2018 [23:03:44] <frederic> thank you. I will read
07.06.2018 [23:03:50] <bdmc> Perhaps a range of calendars, some with scenery.
07.06.2018 [23:03:59] <bdmc> Different sizes, etc.
07.06.2018 [23:04:17] <Etienne> and one with pictures of our servers ;-)
07.06.2018 [23:04:24] <bdmc> B-)
07.06.2018 [23:05:04] <Peter> Can contribute beach scene
07.06.2018 [23:05:10] <Peter> wildflowers
07.06.2018 [23:05:38] <Etienne> great, I can contribute the Alps, a Lake,
07.06.2018 [23:05:45] <pnunn> wind and solar farms
07.06.2018 [23:06:10] <bdmc> Hmmm.  I need to think about my own photographs.
07.06.2018 [23:06:42] <bdmc> I know that I have Canadian Rocky Mountains.
07.06.2018 [23:07:00] <bdmc> Some Scotland pictures.
07.06.2018 [23:07:17] <bdmc> I will let this go until XX:07, and then go on.
07.06.2018 [23:07:23] <Etienne> I can ask Ales from a picture from Eastern Europe
07.06.2018 [23:07:31] <Etienne> for
07.06.2018 [23:08:12] <pnunn> and I guess we need atleast one cat picture :)
07.06.2018 [23:08:35] <bdmc> Definitely  B-)
07.06.2018 [23:09:00] <bdmc> Anybody have any other animal pictures?
07.06.2018 [23:09:01] <frederic> :] 
07.06.2018 [23:10:00] <bdmc> OK, let's move on.  Shall we continue this conversation in board-private?
07.06.2018 [23:10:10] <pnunn> yep.
07.06.2018 [23:10:27] <frederic> right, carry on
07.06.2018 [23:10:39] <bdmc> Item 2.3.2 -- The Australian Linux Grants.
07.06.2018 [23:11:40] <bdmc> I have had a few interesting suggestions from my "sub-committee," but it appears that I am responsible for the next step, which is either some contact with their board or the actual Grant Application.
07.06.2018 [23:12:02] <Peter> I applied to join Linux Aus. No word back from them.
07.06.2018 [23:12:16] <pnunn> I think I'm already a member.
07.06.2018 [23:12:34] <bdmc> Thank you, Peter.  I was under the impression that it was basically automatic.
07.06.2018 [23:12:38] <bdmc> I guess not.
07.06.2018 [23:13:15] <pnunn> I don't think its difficult if not automatic.
07.06.2018 [23:14:50] <bdmc> I would appreciate some more comments and suggestions, however, before I take action.  On the other hand, for various reasons we do not want to delay this much more.
07.06.2018 [23:15:22] <bdmc> pnunn, Peter, are either of you in my sub-committee mailing group?
07.06.2018 [23:16:18] <Peter> Yes
07.06.2018 [23:16:25] <bdmc> I have been copying all of our correspondence ( or almost all ) to board-private, as well.
07.06.2018 [23:16:54] <pnunn> I don't think so, but I've been so busy I've been simply filing most corro anyway unfortunately.
07.06.2018 [23:17:22] <bdmc> That's fine.  We will get this done as soon as I can.
07.06.2018 [23:18:41] <bdmc> Oops.  Two things.  I forgot to ask who might take care of Minutes for this meeting.  Any volunteers?
07.06.2018 [23:19:43] <nemunaire> Hi everyone!
07.06.2018 [23:19:45] <nemunaire> sorry for disturbing you, let me introduce myself: Pierre-Olivier Mercier, new CAcert member, thanks to frederic!
07.06.2018 [23:20:15] <bdmc> Thank you and welcome, Pierre-Olivier.
07.06.2018 [23:20:46] <bdmc> Nobody for Minutes.  OK, I'll do that.
07.06.2018 [23:21:01] <frederic> Disagree. Not you
07.06.2018 [23:21:11] <frederic> You have too much to do
07.06.2018 [23:21:24] <frederic> Really? Nobody?
07.06.2018 [23:22:09] <bdmc> Secondly.  I got the numbering wrong for items and   Please adjust ( mentally, at least. ).
07.06.2018 [23:22:36] <bdmc> frederic: We will work that out by the end of the meeting.
07.06.2018 [23:23:37] <bdmc> On to item 2.3.2, which is actually "Further Ideas" for fund raising.  How does this differ from
07.06.2018 [23:24:07] <bdmc> pnunn: I see that your twin has joined us.
07.06.2018 [23:24:45] <pnunn1> Don't know what happened then.. I've got an upset wind farm I'm trying to sort out.. but that shouldn't have kicked me off here .. odd. Sorry, a little distracted.
07.06.2018 [23:25:48] <bdmc> Item 2.4.  Etienne and I exchanged some e-mail regarding this, and I suggested that asking them to join us at almost midnight was not reasonable.
07.06.2018 [23:26:47] <bdmc> Would everybody accept a special meeting, something like the GDPR meeting, to ask the Arbitration Group to meet with us?
07.06.2018 [23:26:48] <Etienne> So, let's look for a time frame with 2-3 dates and propose them to the arbitrators.
07.06.2018 [23:27:20] <pnunn1> Sure, if I'm not miles from an internet connection at the time.
07.06.2018 [23:27:30] <Peter> ok
07.06.2018 [23:27:32] <pnunn1> I'd be interested to hear what they have to say.
07.06.2018 [23:28:40] <frederic> ok
07.06.2018 [23:29:23] <bdmc> OK, now do we only choose our regular Thursday night time, or are other days available?
07.06.2018 [23:30:22] <Etienne> They lives in continental Europe and the UK. So 20UTC will be 21 or 22 local time for them. Earlyer will not be suitable for Eastern Australia.
07.06.2018 [23:30:57] <pnunn1> It would certainly be difficult. This is a struggle as it is :)
07.06.2018 [23:31:09] <bdmc> Agreed -- the time is pretty fixed, but I was wondering about the day of the week.
07.06.2018 [23:31:43] <pnunn1> Any day works for me if, as I said earlier, I'm not out and about. Earlier in the week is usually better from that point of view.
07.06.2018 [23:32:48] <Etienne> For me to, any day works usually.
07.06.2018 [23:32:57] <bdmc> I also.
07.06.2018 [23:33:27] <frederic> I will adapt
07.06.2018 [23:33:47] <bdmc> Would next week work for everybody or should we put it off longer?
07.06.2018 [23:34:21] <Peter> next week is good
07.06.2018 [23:34:26] <frederic> good
07.06.2018 [23:34:38] <pnunn1> Early next week would work for me. Thursday/Friday would be difficult.
07.06.2018 [23:35:56] <bdmc> Etienne: Let's talk over night or tomorrow.  I will be happy to send them the invitation e-mail and you can create the Doodle.
07.06.2018 [23:36:27] <bdmc> ( tomorrow, not tonight )
07.06.2018 [23:37:17] <bdmc> Etienne: Any items for section 2.5?
07.06.2018 [23:37:35] <Etienne> In June, I am not available on 12/14/19.
07.06.2018 [23:38:04] <bdmc> Well, since the others are saying earlier that week, that should work.
07.06.2018 [23:38:06] <Etienne> 2.5 no, not from me
07.06.2018 [23:38:28] <bdmc> OK, it seems that we have made it to Question Time.
07.06.2018 [23:38:35] <frederic> me neither
07.06.2018 [23:38:36] <bdmc> Anything?
07.06.2018 [23:39:00] <frederic> minutes?
07.06.2018 [23:39:48] <bdmc> I would be happy to provide a log of this meeting to anybody, and assist you with creating the Minutes page.  It is a reasonably easy task.
07.06.2018 [23:40:21] <frederic> I take it, then
07.06.2018 [23:40:40] <Etienne> We should remove the street address from the new members and replace it by "from France" before uploading the log file.
07.06.2018 [23:40:49] <bdmc> Thank you, frederic.  I will send e-mail tomorrow.
07.06.2018 [23:41:15] <Etienne> Next not-arbitration-meeting?
07.06.2018 [23:41:16] <bdmc> Etienne: Agreed.  We won't publish that. 
07.06.2018 [23:41:21] <frederic> Etienne will send you before for approval
07.06.2018 [23:41:33] <bdmc> One month, or less?
07.06.2018 [23:41:43] <bdmc> Everybody?
07.06.2018 [23:41:52] <frederic> as needed
07.06.2018 [23:41:57] <bdmc> I would suggest a fortnight.
07.06.2018 [23:42:29] <Etienne> June 21 or 28 (Oceania 22 0r 29)
07.06.2018 [23:42:30] <pnunn1> I'm probably going to me missing for the next on atleast (possibly more) as I spend more time in aircraft that I really like.
07.06.2018 [23:42:58] <bdmc> Understood.  I vote for the 21st.
07.06.2018 [23:43:20] <Peter> Both good for me
07.06.2018 [23:43:31] <frederic> aye
07.06.2018 [23:44:35] <bdmc> Everybody in favour of June 21st at our usual time?
07.06.2018 [23:44:44] <pnunn1> yep.
07.06.2018 [23:44:47] <Peter> yes
07.06.2018 [23:44:48] <Etienne> June 21st 20:00 UTC / June 22nd 06:00 Eastern Australia
07.06.2018 [23:44:50] <frederic> yes
07.06.2018 [23:45:10] <bdmc> Thank you, all.
07.06.2018 [23:45:31] <frederic> bye
07.06.2018 [23:45:32] <bdmc> It appears that we are 15 minutes short.  Do you want to drag this out?   B-)
07.06.2018 [23:45:45] <pnunn1> It's great to see so many people in here, may it continue :)
07.06.2018 [23:46:10] <Etienne> with pnunn's wind power...........
07.06.2018 [23:46:10] <bdmc> I think that I had better declare this meeting closed.  Thank you all.
07.06.2018 [23:46:20] <pnunn1> :)
07.06.2018 [23:46:31] <pnunn1> Good night/morning/evening all.
07.06.2018 [23:46:41] <Etienne> Good bye
07.06.2018 [23:46:57] <bdmc> Good Night or Morning.
07.06.2018 [23:47:20] <Peter> Good morning :-)

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