Log of Board-meeting 2018-03-15-20:00 UTC

Timestamp all UTC +02:00

05.04.2018 [21:58:50] <Etienne> Good evening, GuKKDevel, JanDD, egal, dops1
05.04.2018 [21:58:57] <Etienne> Good fternoon, bdmc
05.04.2018 [21:59:12] <bdmc> Good afternoon ( Evening ) Etienne
05.04.2018 [21:59:29] <GuKKDevel> good evening
05.04.2018 [21:59:45] <dops1> Hi all!
05.04.2018 [22:00:23] <bdmc> Good Morning, Peter
05.04.2018 [22:00:24] <Etienne> Good morning, Peter
05.04.2018 [22:00:33] <Peter> Good morning
05.04.2018 [22:00:54] <Etienne> Good morning pnunn
05.04.2018 [22:00:59] <GuKKDevel> good morning Peter and Peter
05.04.2018 [22:01:02] <bdmc> Peter: when is dawn this time of year?
05.04.2018 [22:01:20] <pnunn> Good morning all.
05.04.2018 [22:01:27] <pnunn> Yes, pitch black here.
05.04.2018 [22:01:43] <PeterYuill> Good morning
05.04.2018 [22:01:49] <alex> hello :)
05.04.2018 [22:02:07] <GuKKDevel> good evening alex
05.04.2018 [22:02:31] <Peter> We have light
05.04.2018 [22:02:37] <alex> good evening GuKKDevel 
05.04.2018 [22:02:46] <alex> yes, electrical light  @ Peter 
05.04.2018 [22:02:51] <bdmc> B-)
05.04.2018 [22:03:04] <bdmc> Shall we start, or wait a couple more minutes?
05.04.2018 [22:04:00] <pnunn> We might as well start.
05.04.2018 [22:04:07] <GuKKDevel> we are six out of seven, so we could do the preliminaries while waiting for ross
05.04.2018 [22:04:40] <bdmc> OK, so I will officially call us to order.
05.04.2018 [22:06:15] <bdmc> Darn, I need to get my Agenda up in my browser.
05.04.2018 [22:06:47] <bdmc> OK, while that is happening, who would like to prepare our minutes this week?
05.04.2018 [22:07:10] <GuKKDevel> shall I do?
05.04.2018 [22:07:24] <bdmc> Certainly.
05.04.2018 [22:07:42] <bdmc> Does anybody have a hard deadline, or shall we try and keep under 2 hours?
05.04.2018 [22:08:08] <pnunn> Under 2 would be goo
05.04.2018 [22:08:20] <pnunn> *good
05.04.2018 [22:08:24] <GuKKDevel> midnight cest would be good
05.04.2018 [22:08:31] <Etienne> under 2 hours is good, 90 minutes better ;-)
05.04.2018 [22:08:35] <Peter> under 2 good
05.04.2018 [22:09:07] <GuKKDevel> ok so lets try 90 min
05.04.2018 [22:09:09] <bdmc> We will go for 90 minutes.
05.04.2018 [22:09:35] <bdmc> So, has everybody seen last meeting's minutes?
05.04.2018 [22:09:46] <bdmc> Any comments?
05.04.2018 [22:10:21] <pnunn> Sorry about missing the last one. I got stuck in a data center all night and didn't crawl out until it was well over.
05.04.2018 [22:11:01] <bdmc> No problem Peter.  We all have those issues.
05.04.2018 [22:11:32] <bdmc> I move that we accept the minutes from last meeting.
05.04.2018 [22:11:41] <Etienne> second and aye
05.04.2018 [22:11:47] <bdmc> any
05.04.2018 [22:11:48] <PeterYuill> aye
05.04.2018 [22:11:52] <Peter> aye
05.04.2018 [22:11:53] <bdmc> aye ( !! )
05.04.2018 [22:11:56] <GuKKDevel> abs
05.04.2018 [22:12:01] <pnunn> abs
05.04.2018 [22:12:23] <bdmc> Good.
05.04.2018 [22:12:50] <bdmc> Next, are there any messages in board-list of board-private that are of interest?
05.04.2018 [22:12:58] <bdmc> ( of = or )
05.04.2018 [22:14:23] <bdmc> I want to thank Karl-Heinz for thanking our donors as they contribute money.  It is nice to recognise them.
05.04.2018 [22:14:23] <GuKKDevel> most/all will be handeled at business
05.04.2018 [22:14:39] <bdmc> OK, Action Items.
05.04.2018 [22:15:03] <bdmc> ( the ones in the Minutes, not the main list )
05.04.2018 [22:15:32] <bdmc> Item 1, appears done, since we have just voted on last meeting's minutes.
05.04.2018 [22:15:54] <bdmc> Etienne and I contacted people regarding the CA/Forum.  He had more success than I.
05.04.2018 [22:16:03] <Etienne> I wrote out CABF representant (Benedikt) and distributed the answer at board private. For the moment nothing to do.
05.04.2018 [22:16:26] <Etienne> If someone wants to read their mailing list, he can be added as second reader.
05.04.2018 [22:16:42] <bdmc> Dirk:  Did you confirm that we can "pin" a specific blog post to the top of the page?
05.04.2018 [22:17:48] <bdmc> I guess that dirk_on_server isn't talking.  B-)
05.04.2018 [22:18:10] <bdmc> Any news about Bug 1432?
05.04.2018 [22:18:12] <Etienne> @bdmce: ask egal, he may answer
05.04.2018 [22:18:37] <bdmc> Oops.  I missed seeing him.  You are right.
05.04.2018 [22:18:44] <alex> my client crashed...
05.04.2018 [22:18:50] <bdmc> egal: Are you here?
05.04.2018 [22:19:50] <bdmc> I saw some conversation, early on, about Bug 1432.  Anything more recent?
05.04.2018 [22:21:02] <bdmc> Peter Y: any new news about Bug 1417?
05.04.2018 [22:21:37] <PeterYuill> I have reached a point where I need access to the test system. Will contact Dirk about that.
05.04.2018 [22:21:47] <bdmc> Thank you.
05.04.2018 [22:21:54] <Etienne> great news!
05.04.2018 [22:22:24] <bdmc> Since Dirk isn't here, there may not be anything about the upgrade in Debian or PHP, but does anybody have anything to contribute?
05.04.2018 [22:23:24] <GuKKDevel> if we handle 2.2.3 at this point, there is to mention a notice from benedict
05.04.2018 [22:24:07] <GuKKDevel> "Working at CABF is
05.04.2018 [22:24:07] <GuKKDevel> currently neither useful nor advisable due to the number of resources
05.04.2018 [22:24:07] <GuKKDevel> available in CAcert."
05.04.2018 [22:24:40] <alex> Hmm...
05.04.2018 [22:24:58] <bdmc> OK, we can move on to item 2.1.1.   News about the Public Officer.
05.04.2018 [22:25:17] <bdmc> Etienne?
05.04.2018 [22:25:21] <Etienne> Sorry, I am still waiting for the confirmation or the copy of A9.
05.04.2018 [22:25:22] <alex> What does this mean? Why did he sent this notice and what should this mean for us?
05.04.2018 [22:25:53] <alex> Should there be someone else participating at CA/Browser forum to replace Benedikt maybe?
05.04.2018 [22:26:10] <bdmc> May we please hold that until we get to that item?
05.04.2018 [22:26:13] <Etienne> @alex: to become a full member, we have to be certified at WebTrust.
05.04.2018 [22:26:49] <GuKKDevel> @alex take a look at the bug there is the complete exlanation
05.04.2018 [22:27:26] <alex> ok, thx. seems we are not a full member and i have to get some background information first.
05.04.2018 [22:30:03] <GuKKDevel> @Etienne what can we do about Amos not reacting?
05.04.2018 [22:30:20] <GuKKDevel> or OFT not reacting?
05.04.2018 [22:32:02] <Etienne> OFT is reacting fast. I will try other channels to get in touch with the PO.
05.04.2018 [22:33:25] <bdmc> OK, we seem to be back on the Agenda.
05.04.2018 [22:33:38] <bdmc> Item 2.1.2 -- Alex.
05.04.2018 [22:33:59] <bdmc> Do we need to do anything formal at this point to recognise him?
05.04.2018 [22:35:00] <GuKKDevel> we should do a motion to install him as PR-Officer
05.04.2018 [22:35:06] <bdmc> As I remember, Alex, you volunteered, as leader of a small group, to work on PR for CAcert.
05.04.2018 [22:35:08] <alex> uh oh
05.04.2018 [22:35:30] <bdmc> B-)
05.04.2018 [22:35:30] <GuKKDevel> as this post isn't mentioned in any of our policies I think
05.04.2018 [22:36:43] <alex> i don't recall this but i like to work in a team of people doing so. recently and i dont think it will change this year, i am many times absent and cannot volunteer myself for a job like this without partners.
05.04.2018 [22:36:50] <GuKKDevel> and alex should tell us what help he needs
05.04.2018 [22:37:26] <bdmc> ~GuKKDevel: I agree that it isn't probably necesary, but yes, I move that we install Alex as the leader of the ad-hoc PR Committee for CAcert.
05.04.2018 [22:37:48] <GuKKDevel> second and aye
05.04.2018 [22:37:53] <Etienne> aye
05.04.2018 [22:37:54] <PeterYuill> aye
05.04.2018 [22:37:55] <bdmc> aye
05.04.2018 [22:37:56] <pnunn> aye
05.04.2018 [22:38:05] <alex> so i think i need two more guys with which there is a good up to date and productivity exchange in order to send some proper information to outside world.
05.04.2018 [22:38:29] <alex> things become much easier when you talk about happenings and what we want.
05.04.2018 [22:38:35] <bdmc> I see five Ayes, no Nayes.  Passed.
05.04.2018 [22:38:41] <alex> hahaha :)
05.04.2018 [22:39:04] <GuKKDevel> will alex accept?
05.04.2018 [22:39:05] <bdmc> I understand, Alex.  Do you want to "volunteer" people, or ask for help in the mailing lists?
05.04.2018 [22:40:03] <alex> yes, i definitely need more volunteers. of course i have one wish which is etienne, and i like any more help
05.04.2018 [22:40:41] <alex> especially i need translators to english and maybe other languages and volunteers for brainstorming.
05.04.2018 [22:40:42] <GuKKDevel> I'm not so used in social media
05.04.2018 [22:41:00] <GuKKDevel> brainstorming I could help
05.04.2018 [22:41:04] <Etienne> I can give some help on a not 24/24 base starting from April 23th.
05.04.2018 [22:41:24] <alex> thx GuKKDevel and Etienne 
05.04.2018 [22:41:35] -*- alex will accept then...
05.04.2018 [22:41:42] <Etienne> Maybe we need also a hispanophone.
05.04.2018 [22:41:55] <alex> yes, i agree
05.04.2018 [22:41:56] <bdmc> Etienne: good idea
05.04.2018 [22:42:07] <GuKKDevel> but we also should ask in the l18n /l10n groups especial spanish
05.04.2018 [22:42:31] <GuKKDevel> Etienne: you were faster
05.04.2018 [22:42:32] <bdmc> Yes, I would definitely involve The Community.
05.04.2018 [22:43:52] <GuKKDevel> shall we handle the rest of PR under business?
05.04.2018 [22:44:06] <bdmc> "The Rest?"
05.04.2018 [22:44:32] <Etienne> money
05.04.2018 [22:44:48] <Etienne> PR to get money
05.04.2018 [22:44:50] <bdmc> We are in the Business part of the Agenda.   Yes, money is another item on the Agenda.
05.04.2018 [22:45:11] <GuKKDevel> sorry
05.04.2018 [22:45:12] <bdmc> Item 2.1.2 is specifically regarding Alex.
05.04.2018 [22:45:35] <bdmc> Item 2.1.3  GDPR
05.04.2018 [22:45:44] <Etienne> Lambert Hofstra proposed to form a small working group to prepare a
05.04.2018 [22:45:44] <Etienne> decision paper for board showing where CAcert is now and what is lacking
05.04.2018 [22:45:44] <Etienne> and how to move forward.
05.04.2018 [22:46:00] <Etienne> The small working group will start next week
05.04.2018 [22:46:18] <pnunn> I think that is a really good idea.
05.04.2018 [22:46:25] <Etienne> She is formed by a german data protection specialist, a british university lecturer and Lambert.
05.04.2018 [22:47:11] <bdmc> I agree, the volunteers seemed very good.
05.04.2018 [22:48:34] <bdmc> OK, Item 2.2.1: Bug 1260.
05.04.2018 [22:48:58] <bdmc> PHP upgrade.  Any news?
05.04.2018 [22:49:05] <GuKKDevel> Still waiting for an answer from Dirk
05.04.2018 [22:49:22] <bdmc> That's what I thought.
05.04.2018 [22:49:32] <bdmc> We will pass that to next meeting.
05.04.2018 [22:49:47] <bdmc> Item 2.2.2: Bug 1417
05.04.2018 [22:50:00] <GuKKDevel> any other person who could give information?
05.04.2018 [22:50:12] <bdmc> I seem to remember seeing some successful work-arounds.
05.04.2018 [22:50:14] <GuKKDevel> on 1260?
05.04.2018 [22:51:07] <GuKKDevel> any other person who could give information on 1260?
05.04.2018 [22:51:23] <bdmc> In my work with 5.6 code that is being moved to 7.x, the PHP engine is helpful with its error messages, and it is just a case of working through the parts of the language that have changed.
05.04.2018 [22:52:12] <Peter> I can help with PHP.
05.04.2018 [22:52:23] <GuKKDevel> jes but ech statement or at least each module has to be reachd and tested
05.04.2018 [22:52:26] <bdmc> In other words, the work is mechanical, not particularly creative.
05.04.2018 [22:52:43] <bdmc> On the other hand, it is also an opportunity to redesign code.
05.04.2018 [22:53:26] <bdmc> ~GuKKDevel:  I agree, it is tedious, perhaps, but quite do-able.
05.04.2018 [22:53:56] <bdmc> There are also tools that can help with the examination.
05.04.2018 [22:54:30] <GuKKDevel> on github under https://github.com/CAcertOrg/cacert-devel there is a version of the current source
05.04.2018 [22:55:05] <GuKKDevel> under branch bug-1260 the adaption has been made 
05.04.2018 [22:55:10] <bdmc> Hmmm.  Is it "current" or is it "future?"   Or does that matter?
05.04.2018 [22:55:28] <GuKKDevel> now it has to be implemented at the test-system and to be tested
05.04.2018 [22:56:32] <bdmc> ~GuKKDevel: If Peter and I work on the github copy, doing the code upgrade, would that help?
05.04.2018 [22:56:36] <Peter> Next week I can add changes based on my test conversion.
05.04.2018 [22:56:53] <GuKKDevel> but therefore we need the certs for the testsystem and as we can not handle real addresses at the testsystem we have a test-manager-system
05.04.2018 [22:57:19] <GuKKDevel> but there the password is missing
05.04.2018 [22:57:30] <bdmc> But that shouldn't affect those of us just working on the code.  Yes, people testing our code with need other help.
05.04.2018 [22:57:48] <bdmc> ( darn.  with = will )
05.04.2018 [22:58:41] <GuKKDevel> if the test-mgr isn't working, we cannot get the output from the testsystem to verify
05.04.2018 [22:59:34] <bdmc> Agreed.  But there is a lot of mechanical work to be done before that.
05.04.2018 [22:59:59] <GuKKDevel> with bug 1260 not
05.04.2018 [23:00:11] <GuKKDevel> it is already done at github
05.04.2018 [23:00:33] <bdmc> So what is on github is 7.x code?
05.04.2018 [23:01:24] <GuKKDevel> as far as I can see it is if you checkout the branch bug-1260
05.04.2018 [23:01:42] <bdmc> I didn't understand.  So that only job left is testing on the test machine?
05.04.2018 [23:01:54] <GuKKDevel> yes
05.04.2018 [23:02:06] <GuKKDevel> bbuutt
05.04.2018 [23:02:43] <GuKKDevel> the testsystem contains two systems
05.04.2018 [23:03:06] <GuKKDevel> one system with the code for the main-site
05.04.2018 [23:03:52] <GuKKDevel> and another system that links between tester and the testsystem for the main-site
05.04.2018 [23:04:53] <GuKKDevel> with some features not to use in the original system as to insert an anmount of IDs into the system with one command
05.04.2018 [23:04:59] <bdmc> Yes, you and Dirk have told us that before.
05.04.2018 [23:05:14] <GuKKDevel> shure
05.04.2018 [23:05:46] <bdmc> Is the idea to use the "test-manager-system" with PHP 5.6 ( or similar ), as it is originally writen, or upgrade it to 7.x, too?
05.04.2018 [23:05:50] <GuKKDevel> and that is the point we don't have tis second system available at the moment
05.04.2018 [23:06:24] <GuKKDevel> we need to upgade it too as it also uses SQL-statements
05.04.2018 [23:06:48] <GuKKDevel> but I didn't do research on this
05.04.2018 [23:07:08] <bdmc> Is that code available, or has it been upgraded already?
05.04.2018 [23:07:30] <pnunn> Is this a physical server or something that can be booted from a live distro to reset the password?
05.04.2018 [23:07:34] <GuKKDevel> but it could be, that this alsoalready  implemented in a new version
05.04.2018 [23:08:19] <GuKKDevel> this is what I don't know
05.04.2018 [23:08:29] <pnunn> OK.
05.04.2018 [23:08:49] <pnunn> It might be easier than trying to find an old password.
05.04.2018 [23:09:10] <GuKKDevel> as far as I understood Dirk he wanted to save the old test-server-system
05.04.2018 [23:09:12] <bdmc> It appears that we need to know more about the test-manager before we can offer much more help.
05.04.2018 [23:09:23] <bdmc> pnunn: I completely agree.
05.04.2018 [23:10:06] <bdmc> He can save it, but we can also create a new VM with a copy of that code ( or upgraded copy ) and use that for our new testing.
05.04.2018 [23:10:51] <GuKKDevel> but as dirk is the only one who can do this, we have to ask him to do it
05.04.2018 [23:12:07] <bdmc> OK.  Do you want to talk to him, or should another of us do it?
05.04.2018 [23:12:49] <GuKKDevel> I will try 
05.04.2018 [23:13:05] <GuKKDevel> but he is very hard to reach
05.04.2018 [23:13:20] <bdmc> I understand.  I have had that problem in the past.
05.04.2018 [23:13:34] <GuKKDevel> what about etienne?
05.04.2018 [23:13:54] <bdmc> Let him know that we have several people who would like to help.
05.04.2018 [23:14:46] <GuKKDevel> @pnunn as we have to generate the new certs also for the testserver as the old one is a diffent CN
05.04.2018 [23:14:48] <Etienne> Probabely egal is reading us tonight, but busy.
05.04.2018 [23:15:03] <GuKKDevel> I hope so
05.04.2018 [23:15:19] <GuKKDevel> I see 30 min left 
05.04.2018 [23:15:30] <bdmc> Agreed.  So we should move on.
05.04.2018 [23:15:30] <GuKKDevel>  oh 15
05.04.2018 [23:16:04] <bdmc> Item 2.2.2.  Bug 1417
05.04.2018 [23:16:41] <PeterYuill> I also need to contact Dirk, will see how that goes
05.04.2018 [23:17:32] <bdmc> Any news about 1417?
05.04.2018 [23:18:05] <PeterYuill> I have reviewed the browser situation and still convinced it is now a dead end
05.04.2018 [23:18:55] <bdmc> Is it not possible to ask for new certificates for any reason through a browser in the future, or is it just a problem with our server's code?
05.04.2018 [23:19:36] <PeterYuill> It is the removal of the key generation function by browser makers
05.04.2018 [23:20:00] <GuKKDevel> we need to programm an addon
05.04.2018 [23:20:36] <GuKKDevel> and ask our users to install a keygeneratorprogram
05.04.2018 [23:20:57] <bdmc> Do we know anybody who has that expertise already, or does somebody in the Community need to learn?
05.04.2018 [23:20:58] <GuKKDevel> to give them advise  how to generate the keys 
05.04.2018 [23:21:12] <GuKKDevel> and then import them to our webpage
05.04.2018 [23:21:38] <bdmc> ( And it needs to work on at least three different platforms. )
05.04.2018 [23:21:47] <pnunn> What are other CA's doing? Do we know? They must have been hit with the same thing?
05.04.2018 [23:22:06] <Etienne> There was an addon for firefox, but does no more work with the new firefoxes. The old code is available.
05.04.2018 [23:22:07] <PeterYuill> Building a browser plugin for all current browsers seems like a mountain of work
05.04.2018 [23:22:36] <GuKKDevel> some of them generate the key on their platform and send the cert and the key to their customers
05.04.2018 [23:22:49] <GuKKDevel> not very save
05.04.2018 [23:23:02] <alex> this is for client cert keys, right? so most other ca's care for server certs only
05.04.2018 [23:23:04] <Etienne> If we are quick, we could licence the addon also to other CAs and so solve our financal gap.
05.04.2018 [23:23:24] <GuKKDevel> hurray
05.04.2018 [23:23:28] <pnunn> :) nice idea 
05.04.2018 [23:24:31] <GuKKDevel> I think we should do an exchange of ideas on cacert-devel@lists.cacert.org
05.04.2018 [23:24:53] <GuKKDevel> there we would have more time
05.04.2018 [23:25:04] <PeterYuill> Agree
05.04.2018 [23:25:06] <Etienne> Most browsers are compatible with Firefox or Chrome/-ium.
05.04.2018 [23:25:16] <GuKKDevel> and may be some of the other developers could tell us their ideas also
05.04.2018 [23:26:12] <PeterYuill> There are only a couple of major engines, but key storage differs
05.04.2018 [23:26:32] <bdmc> That sounds like a good stopping point.  Shall we move on?
05.04.2018 [23:27:21] <GuKKDevel> may I propose to transfer this discussion to the above mailinglist?
05.04.2018 [23:27:37] <Etienne> yes, please
05.04.2018 [23:27:40] <bdmc> I agree. 
05.04.2018 [23:28:01] <GuKKDevel> or create a new IRC-channel on this machine?
05.04.2018 [23:28:21] <bdmc> I think that I prefer the mailing list, but it is up to everybody.
05.04.2018 [23:28:21] <GuKKDevel> or use #se which exists already
05.04.2018 [23:28:52] <Etienne> The mailing list has an archive...
05.04.2018 [23:29:25] <PeterYuill> Mail might work better with many timezones
05.04.2018 [23:29:51] <GuKKDevel> aggreed
05.04.2018 [23:30:43] <bdmc> Done.  Those of us who want to discuss this will join cacert-devel, and continue the conversation.
05.04.2018 [23:30:54] <GuKKDevel> as we reached our timelimit, could we look for the next time for the meeting and then come back to the agenda?
05.04.2018 [23:31:20] <bdmc> Sorry.  I didn't understand that this was a hard limit, just a desire.
05.04.2018 [23:31:45] <GuKKDevel> o not a hard limit 
05.04.2018 [23:31:58] <Peter> Hexchat dropped out there. Had to reboot.
05.04.2018 [23:32:14] <bdmc> Well, then, shall we move through the Agenda as quickly as possible?
05.04.2018 [23:32:25] <Etienne> yes, please
05.04.2018 [23:32:29] <bdmc> Peter: welcome back.
05.04.2018 [23:32:52] <bdmc> OK, Item 2.2.3: Bug 1432
05.04.2018 [23:32:56] <bdmc> Any news?
05.04.2018 [23:33:18] <GuKKDevel> as mentioned above, we should delay that work for the moment
05.04.2018 [23:33:42] <GuKKDevel> http://bugs.cacert.org/view.php?id=1432
05.04.2018 [23:34:00] <bdmc> Sorry, I missed where it was said.
05.04.2018 [23:34:28] <GuKKDevel> I added the response of Benedict our  internal auditor 
05.04.2018 [23:35:04] <bdmc> In that case, Item 2.3: Expiring Certificates
05.04.2018 [23:35:13] <GuKKDevel> or former internal auditor Idon't know exactly
05.04.2018 [23:35:16] <alex> in additional information part GuKKDevel ?
05.04.2018 [23:35:34] <GuKKDevel> as a note alex
05.04.2018 [23:36:31] <bdmc> Are these CAcert Server certificates?   I am not allowed to read the message in the Agenda.
05.04.2018 [23:36:34] <GuKKDevel> 2.3 this was a miuderstnding of one of our triage member and very active member
05.04.2018 [23:36:58] <GuKKDevel> misunderstanding
05.04.2018 [23:37:12] <pnunn> So not an issue then?
05.04.2018 [23:37:28] <GuKKDevel> we didn't know that this was under control of critical-group
05.04.2018 [23:37:31] <Etienne> no
05.04.2018 [23:37:32] <GuKKDevel> no issue
05.04.2018 [23:37:34] <alex> yes server certs @ bdmc 
05.04.2018 [23:37:47] <pnunn> Great.
05.04.2018 [23:38:10] <bdmc> That was easy.
05.04.2018 [23:38:22] <GuKKDevel> :-)
05.04.2018 [23:38:29] <bdmc> Item 2.4  Money!!!
05.04.2018 [23:39:37] <GuKKDevel> 2.4.1
05.04.2018 [23:39:38] <Etienne> I would like to direct your attention to agenda item 2.4.1: In fact, our finances don't look so rosy right now. Now there is a possibility of possibly getting something from the European Union's honey pots. Who has the time in the next 3-4 weeks to study the call and compile the necessary documents? Or who would be willing to help? The assistance w
05.04.2018 [23:39:38] <Etienne> ill last until 15 May (cut-off date) at the latest.
05.04.2018 [23:41:11] <GuKKDevel> I did a short look  and couldn't find a call we could subsume, bu I'm not so good in english
05.04.2018 [23:41:50] <bdmc> I would be happy to help if I can.  I won't lead the project, but can assist.
05.04.2018 [23:42:29] <GuKKDevel> may we ask you to read and tell if you find some call?
05.04.2018 [23:42:52] <bdmc> Send me a copy or a link.
05.04.2018 [23:43:05] <bdmc> board-private, if you like.
05.04.2018 [23:43:12] <GuKKDevel> is in ideas
05.04.2018 [23:43:17] <Etienne> http://wiki.cacert.org/Brain/CAcertInc/Committee/MeetingAgendasAndMinutes/2018-03-01/ideas#A18_Funding_by_the_EU
05.04.2018 [23:43:19] <GuKKDevel> last point
05.04.2018 [23:45:03] <bdmc> Hmmm.  Would it help if we found somebody who has "Grant Application" experience?
05.04.2018 [23:45:19] <Etienne> of course would it help
05.04.2018 [23:45:42] <bdmc> Anybody here know someone like that?
05.04.2018 [23:46:06] <bdmc> Long ago, I think I did, but haven't recently.
05.04.2018 [23:49:38] <GuKKDevel> next?
05.04.2018 [23:49:56] <bdmc> Hmmm.  I have just read the beginning of the "Call Document -- CEF-TC-2018-1" and think that the focus is more on software and service development, but I will keep reading.
05.04.2018 [23:50:31] <bdmc> OK, Let's try and remember Question Time, for a change.
05.04.2018 [23:50:34] <bdmc> Any Questions?
05.04.2018 [23:51:22] <GuKKDevel> Diid anyone red the message I wrote under 12 campaign?
05.04.2018 [23:51:27] <GuKKDevel> read
05.04.2018 [23:51:37] <GuKKDevel> to community?
05.04.2018 [23:53:20] <PeterYuill> @GuKKDevel Where was the message?
05.04.2018 [23:53:23] <bdmc> I think that I saw that you intended for multiple messages, correct?
05.04.2018 [23:53:51] <bdmc> PeterYuill: In the "ideas" link on Item 2.4.1
05.04.2018 [23:54:02] <bdmc> Number 12
05.04.2018 [23:54:20] <GuKKDevel> Proposal for a mailtext to cacert@lco could be translated to xx for cacert-xx@lco:
05.04.2018 [23:54:33] <GuKKDevel> in file ideas
05.04.2018 [23:55:00] <PeterYuill> OK
05.04.2018 [23:55:01] <bdmc> Sorry, I meant several messages in a row to the same list.  Different content, same meaning.
05.04.2018 [23:55:37] <bdmc> Perhaps stronger words each time.
05.04.2018 [23:56:19] <Etienne> http://wiki.cacert.org/Brain/CAcertInc/Committee/MeetingAgendasAndMinutes/2018-03-01/ideas#A12_Campaign
05.04.2018 [23:57:12] <GuKKDevel> so could you please help with the wording? so we could send this message as soon as possible to all our communitymembers (cacert@lco)
05.04.2018 [23:57:13] <bdmc> Can we plan to continue this conversation in board-private in the time before our next meeting?  Sooner, rather than later?
05.04.2018 [23:57:31] <GuKKDevel> no problem
05.04.2018 [23:58:10] <GuKKDevel> bdmc: no only the message between the two lines
05.04.2018 [23:58:17] <bdmc> ~GuKKDevel: I thought, when you said "Next" that you wanted to move out of 2.4.1.
05.04.2018 [23:58:24] <GuKKDevel> rest are discussion
05.04.2018 [23:58:35] <bdmc> ~GUKKDevel: OK, thanks.
05.04.2018 [23:58:54] <bdmc> Any more for 2.4.1, or shall I ask for Questions, again?
05.04.2018 [23:59:18] <pnunn> I don't think there were any questions bdmc
05.04.2018 [23:59:32] <Peter> No questions from me.
05.04.2018 [23:59:35] <bdmc> I don't either, but we keep forgetting that item on the Agenda.
06.04.2018 [00:00:09] <bdmc> I have one question.  Do I understand that we have one Peter on the West coast, and two on the East?
06.04.2018 [00:00:36] <pnunn> I'm on the East.
06.04.2018 [00:00:39] <PeterYuill> I am on the east coast
06.04.2018 [00:01:06] <Peter> Ettalong Beach right on the east coast.
06.04.2018 [00:01:20] <bdmc> OK, we have reached two hours, and I think that we are basically done.
06.04.2018 [00:01:37] <bdmc> Shall we plan for our next meeting in two weeks, or are there other wishes?
06.04.2018 [00:01:56] <GuKKDevel> would fit for me
06.04.2018 [00:02:05] <GuKKDevel> but what about the time?
06.04.2018 [00:02:17] <GuKKDevel> 20 UTC would fit for me
06.04.2018 [00:02:28] <alex> for me always a good time
06.04.2018 [00:02:56] <PeterYuill> I cannot make 19/20
06.04.2018 [00:03:01] <bdmc> Is 6am acceptable to the Australians?
06.04.2018 [00:03:11] <Peter> Morning of the 20th good for me. Night of 19th is out.
06.04.2018 [00:03:21] <pnunn> It's fine by me. Gets me out of bed.
06.04.2018 [00:03:28] <bdmc> OK.  Would a different day that week work for you, PeterYuill?
06.04.2018 [00:03:39] <Peter> 6:00 am is good
06.04.2018 [00:04:23] <PeterYuill> I will be travelling from 19th am, so it would need to be quite a bit earlier
06.04.2018 [00:05:14] <GuKKDevel> when will you be back?
06.04.2018 [00:05:23] <bdmc> Yes, even if we moved it a day earlier, that would not work for you.
06.04.2018 [00:06:12] <PeterYuill> Back Sunday 22 night
06.04.2018 [00:07:15] <PeterYuill> Best to run with usual date I think if it suits everyone else
06.04.2018 [00:07:22] <bdmc> Hmmm.  So, do we want to go a week later, or leave Peter out?
06.04.2018 [00:07:39] <GuKKDevel> week later I can't
06.04.2018 [00:08:13] <pnunn> lets run with the 19/20 then.
06.04.2018 [00:08:22] <bdmc> OK, PeterYuill, once the Agenda comes out, you can add comments in board-private.  It's not great, but...
06.04.2018 [00:08:49] <bdmc> Good enough.  April 19th, 20:00 UTC.
06.04.2018 [00:09:17] <PeterYuill> Sounds good to me
06.04.2018 [00:09:17] <bdmc> All agreed?
06.04.2018 [00:09:20] <Etienne> but this would be 20/21
06.04.2018 [00:09:40] <bdmc> Why?
06.04.2018 [00:10:01] <bdmc> The 19th is Thursday, as usual.
06.04.2018 [00:10:13] <Etienne> I interchanged date and time, time to go to sleep ;-)
06.04.2018 [00:10:29] <bdmc> Definitely!
06.04.2018 [00:10:51] <bdmc> OK, withough further ado, We Are Adjourned.

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