Log of Board-meeting 2018-01-25-20:00 UTC

Timestamp all UTC +01:00

12.01.2018 [21:00:03] <egal> hi, hello and welcome ... 
12.01.2018 [21:00:29] <egal> hi, hello and welcome ... 
12.01.2018 [21:00:45] <Etienne> hello
12.01.2018 [21:01:10] <GuKKDevel> hello
12.01.2018 [21:01:45] <GuKKDevel> bdmc:  brian?
12.01.2018 [21:01:57] <bdmc> Yes, me too.
12.01.2018 [21:02:06] <GuKKDevel> pnunn: peter?
12.01.2018 [21:02:26] <pnunn> Indeed.. 
12.01.2018 [21:02:41] <pnunn> morning all.
12.01.2018 [21:03:10] <GuKKDevel> good evening from me
12.01.2018 [21:03:32] <pnunn> Sorry if I seem a little incohearent this morning. I've been recovering a failed vm for the last 44 hours.. (not straight). Just got it working again 
12.01.2018 [21:04:30] <bdmc> That's never fun.
12.01.2018 [21:05:11] <bdmc> Working from a snapshot, or did you have to rebuild from scratch?
12.01.2018 [21:05:11] <pnunn> No, especially when the host disk array is so very slow.. 
12.01.2018 [21:05:51] <pnunn> I managed to have it run enough to migrate it between hosts mostly.. but it took 36 hours to migrate one of the machines.
12.01.2018 [21:06:07] <bdmc> Ouch!
12.01.2018 [21:06:10] <pnunn> And that was only 100GB
12.01.2018 [21:06:28] <pnunn> Not bad for a 4 hour outage window 
12.01.2018 [21:06:58] <bdmc> Well, as seems to be frequently the case, I only have 1.5 hours before I have to get ready to leave for work.
12.01.2018 [21:07:21] <pnunn> Do you work weekends?
12.01.2018 [21:07:23] <Etienne> So, please, take the chair and lead the meeting as fast as possible.
12.01.2018 [21:07:43] <bdmc> I was going to ask who was doing it, but I see that I am.
12.01.2018 [21:07:50] <bdmc> We are Convened.
12.01.2018 [21:07:53] <Etienne> @Peter: in New York it is still yesterday.
12.01.2018 [21:08:03] <pnunn> But late?
12.01.2018 [21:08:26] <bdmc> Not as late as for the others.  Mid-afternoon, here.
12.01.2018 [21:08:35] <Etienne> 15:08
12.01.2018 [21:08:42] <pnunn> I see.
12.01.2018 [21:08:53] <bdmc> 21:08 for them.
12.01.2018 [21:08:56] <Etienne> it is 21:08 for Dirk, Karl-Heinz and me
12.01.2018 [21:09:03] <pnunn> OK.
12.01.2018 [21:09:07] <bdmc> OK.  So who wants to volunteer to do minutes?
12.01.2018 [21:09:24] <GuKKDevel> I would try to 
12.01.2018 [21:09:25] <bdmc> ( well, transcribe the log into a Minutes document? )
12.01.2018 [21:10:06] <bdmc> Thank you, Karl-Heinz.   As I said last time, I would be happy to "talk" to you ( e-mail, probably ), or one of the others in your time zone could, also.
12.01.2018 [21:10:38] <bdmc> First, then, anything in the two mailing lists that needs to be reported?
12.01.2018 [21:11:17] <Etienne> Two mails, one from the PO and one from Karl-Heinz concerning test server should me mentionned in the minutes.
12.01.2018 [21:11:44] <bdmc> All right.  Which PO are we talking about.  Kevin or his successor?
12.01.2018 [21:11:48] <Etienne> someting like we "take note..."
12.01.2018 [21:11:54] <Etienne> Alex
12.01.2018 [21:12:13] <Etienne> The mail was about organising Alex with sub committee.
12.01.2018 [21:12:37] <bdmc> Would you like to paraphrase, or copy the whole message?
12.01.2018 [21:13:20] <Etienne> Okay thanks  On 12 Jan. 2018 08:55, "Etienne Ruedin (CAcert)" <eruedin@cacert.org> wrote:      Hello Alex      On the last board meeting, Gero an I were appointed as members of a new subcommittee to act on behalf of the Public Officer.      I propose you to do it the following way (if you agree):     - remove your e-mail address from board-private -> you will only receive e-mails that are explicit for you.     - Gero and I will do the paperwork and sent 
12.01.2018 [21:14:24] <pnunn> Looks to be workable to me, if you both agree.
12.01.2018 [21:14:46] <GuKKDevel> we take note that etienne informed Alex about the motion from last boardmeeting
12.01.2018 [21:14:47] <bdmc> I am missing something, because what I see ends: "paperwork and sent"
12.01.2018 [21:15:55] <GuKKDevel> something like this?
12.01.2018 [21:15:59] <Etienne> @Brian that is about 1/3, please see at board-private, today 05:25 from Alex Samad
12.01.2018 [21:16:40] <bdmc> All right.  I was going to say that I did not expect a response yet, because that was only 12 hours ago, but I gather that he did respond?
12.01.2018 [21:17:48] <Etienne> I wrote at Thu 8:55, he answered at Fri 5:25, thanks to time zones
12.01.2018 [21:18:54] <bdmc> OK, your message above had the 12th.   And he answered positively?  That that proposal would work for him?
12.01.2018 [21:20:06] <GuKKDevel> in board-private?
12.01.2018 [21:21:00] <Etienne> As you can read on the top of the copyed message, he wrote: "OK, thanks"
12.01.2018 [21:21:09] <GuKKDevel> I can't find any mesage from or to alex samand
12.01.2018 [21:21:39] <Etienne> Oh, sorry, I see, that was not in board private, as for the moment Alex is still in this list. My erroror.
12.01.2018 [21:21:40] <bdmc> OHHH.  I thought that that was you saying, OK.
12.01.2018 [21:22:37] <bdmc> Good enough.  Karl-Heinz.  Would you please give us a summary of your message or messages in Board Private?
12.01.2018 [21:23:42] <GuKKDevel> sorry but I didn't get the messages to alex and from alex. where they are?
12.01.2018 [21:24:50] <bdmc> Yes, if those messages are not in Board Private, then they are not appropriate at this time.
12.01.2018 [21:26:43] <Etienne> Well, I told you now about the contnent of the message  and you find it this moment in your inbox.
12.01.2018 [21:28:01] <bdmc> Thank you.  However, as I said, this is not appropriate at this time, when we are reporting on Board Private.  We can report on this during the meeting business.
12.01.2018 [21:28:20] <GuKKDevel> for documentation purposes we should send it to board private also
12.01.2018 [21:28:49] <Etienne> I will, as soon as the member list of board-private is updatet.
12.01.2018 [21:28:56] <pnunn> OK, lets mark it for later and move on ?
12.01.2018 [21:29:22] <bdmc> Yes
12.01.2018 [21:29:29] <bdmc> Karl-Heinz?
12.01.2018 [21:30:10] <GuKKDevel> yes?
12.01.2018 [21:30:52] <bdmc> Back at XX:22, while we were talking about the other topic, I asked about your correspondence.
12.01.2018 [21:31:16] <GuKKDevel> the mails I sent will be handeled at 2.2.1 and 2.2.3
12.01.2018 [21:31:29] <bdmc> All right.
12.01.2018 [21:31:46] <bdmc> In that case, does anybody have anything to report on Action Items?
12.01.2018 [21:31:52] <Etienne> https://wiki.cacert.org/Brain/CAcertInc/Committee/ActionItems
12.01.2018 [21:32:15] <Etienne> I think the most pressing ones are on the agenda.
12.01.2018 [21:33:17] <bdmc> All right.  Item 2.1.1 Can I hear a motion to accept those minutes?
12.01.2018 [21:33:22] <Etienne> https://wiki.cacert.org/Brain/CAcertInc/Committee/MeetingAgendasAndMinutes/2017-12-29#Minutes
12.01.2018 [21:34:00] <pnunn> Sounds about right to me. 
12.01.2018 [21:34:19] <Etienne> I move to accept the minutes from 29-12-2017.
12.01.2018 [21:34:31] <bdmc> Second and aye.
12.01.2018 [21:34:35] <GuKKDevel> aye
12.01.2018 [21:34:39] <Etienne> abstain
12.01.2018 [21:34:44] <pnunn> abstain
12.01.2018 [21:34:55] <GuKKDevel> brian, you have to state if we have a quorum
12.01.2018 [21:35:25] <bdmc> Sorry, GuKKDevel.  Yes, we have four Board Members and one guest, as far as I can see.
12.01.2018 [21:36:27] <bdmc> Am I correct?
12.01.2018 [21:36:39] <Etienne> yes, you are.
12.01.2018 [21:37:02] <GuKKDevel> no objections except dirk wants to join the comite
12.01.2018 [21:37:28] <bdmc> THANK YOU very much, Dirk?   As a "junior" member, I presume?
12.01.2018 [21:38:03] <bdmc> This is really part of item 2.1.2, though.
12.01.2018 [21:38:24] <bdmc> 2.1.2 or 2.1.4
12.01.2018 [21:38:38] <bdmc> I will declare the Minutes accepted.
12.01.2018 [21:38:47] <bdmc> Item 2.1.2
12.01.2018 [21:39:08] <bdmc> We have four Board Members present, one missing.
12.01.2018 [21:39:28] <bdmc> Do we want to try to assign roles, or try to get more of us, first?
12.01.2018 [21:40:13] <Etienne> We have to made hand over within 2 weeks from AGM. We should it do today.
12.01.2018 [21:40:34] <Etienne> We can still change later.
12.01.2018 [21:40:40] <bdmc> All right.  We have four roles, four members present.
12.01.2018 [21:41:07] <bdmc> Do we have volunteers for each of the roles?   President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer?
12.01.2018 [21:41:13] <pnunn> OK, I'll put my hand up for VP then. Seems odd given how long I've been on. .but.
12.01.2018 [21:41:27] <Etienne> I have experience as a secretary. Assessor would be good, too.
12.01.2018 [21:41:34] <bdmc> You are exactly where I was last year, or perhaps a bit more experienced.
12.01.2018 [21:41:53] <GuKKDevel> as I am new besst would be vice for me
12.01.2018 [21:42:01] <pnunn> I have to say that I'm going to be insanely busy in the next 3 months with a tonne of renewables coming on in that time frame, but will do my best.
12.01.2018 [21:42:24] <bdmc> Etienne:  I am a little confused.  What does Assessor have to do with it?
12.01.2018 [21:42:51] <Etienne> Members of the committee with no special task.
12.01.2018 [21:43:40] <bdmc> Unfortunately, unless we do not assign one or more roles, we don't have the luxury of "extra" Board Members.
12.01.2018 [21:44:28] <pnunn> Karl-Heinz, can I be cheeky and suggest Treasurer for you? You seem to have taken an interest in our financial position?
12.01.2018 [21:44:33] <bdmc> Do any of you three have any experience with small business or organisation finance?  ( Or balancing a cheque-book? )
12.01.2018 [21:45:14] <bdmc> I second Peter, and agree.  It is going to be a very important role, and I think that we all should be "interested."
12.01.2018 [21:46:07] <pnunn> Brian President?
12.01.2018 [21:46:12] <GuKKDevel> I  know nothing about balancing 
12.01.2018 [21:46:26] <pnunn> That's what spreadsheets are for.
12.01.2018 [21:46:45] <bdmc> Well, I don't feel very presidential, but I would accept.
12.01.2018 [21:47:00] <pnunn> Etienne secretary? Please?
12.01.2018 [21:47:15] <Etienne> If you insist.
12.01.2018 [21:47:22] <GuKKDevel> we do
12.01.2018 [21:47:43] <bdmc> You have done, in general, a very good job while I have been on the Board, so I completely agree.
12.01.2018 [21:47:46] <pnunn> How about it Karl-Heintz? I'll help you out if need be.
12.01.2018 [21:48:15] <GuKKDevel> ok I'll give it a try
12.01.2018 [21:48:20] <pnunn> I already have an account with Westpac if that helps so can probably handle the access to that.
12.01.2018 [21:48:37] <bdmc> That pays off.
12.01.2018 [21:49:04] <pnunn> So, that's it then? Positions filled?
12.01.2018 [21:49:10] <bdmc> OK, so Ross for President, Secretary and Treasurer, and Peter for Vice President, right?
12.01.2018 [21:49:14] <bdmc> B-)
12.01.2018 [21:49:26] <pnunn> Funny man 
12.01.2018 [21:49:36] <bdmc> Brian: President
12.01.2018 [21:49:43] <bdmc> Peter: Vice President
12.01.2018 [21:49:45] <GuKKDevel> so brian as president, peter as vice etienne as secretary me as treasurer
12.01.2018 [21:49:53] <bdmc> Etienne: Secretary
12.01.2018 [21:49:59] <bdmc> Karl-Heinz: Treasurer
12.01.2018 [21:50:21] <pnunn> So moved
12.01.2018 [21:50:21] <bdmc> All in favour?
12.01.2018 [21:50:26] <pnunn> aye
12.01.2018 [21:50:28] <Etienne> aye
12.01.2018 [21:50:36] <bdmc> aye
12.01.2018 [21:50:37] <GuKKDevel> aye
12.01.2018 [21:51:03] <pnunn> Congratulations everyone.
12.01.2018 [21:51:15] <bdmc> Item 2.1.3  Discussion of Board Committees.
12.01.2018 [21:51:23] <GuKKDevel> motion is carried?
12.01.2018 [21:51:27] <bdmc> It is.
12.01.2018 [21:51:49] <GuKKDevel> remember this meeting could go to OFT
12.01.2018 [21:52:09] <GuKKDevel> so we have o be formally corretct
12.01.2018 [21:52:16] <bdmc> I'm going to have to be a bit more formal while I am speeding down the road.
12.01.2018 [21:52:16] <pnunn> Good point. And the bank for account access.
12.01.2018 [21:52:55] <bdmc> The slate of officers listed above was moved, and unanimously approved.
12.01.2018 [21:54:04] <bdmc> Do we need to consider item 2.1.3 yet, or wait until we have more members?
12.01.2018 [21:54:38] <pnunn> Can I propose that Karl-Heintz and myself take on the first task (No idea how yet) and Brian and etienne the second, and if others join, they can perhaps choose which one to help out?
12.01.2018 [21:54:41] <Etienne> There is no need. We can or not or now or later or here or on board private.
12.01.2018 [21:55:11] <Etienne> @pnunn: OK
12.01.2018 [21:55:19] <GuKKDevel> so we should skip 2.1.3 for the moment
12.01.2018 [21:55:20] <bdmc> How about voluntarily, rather than more formally.
12.01.2018 [21:55:34] <pnunn> OK by me.
12.01.2018 [21:55:39] <bdmc> Item 2.1.4  New Board members.
12.01.2018 [21:55:51] <bdmc> Dirk, are you volunteering?
12.01.2018 [21:55:59] <Etienne> The idea was just, that new members get faster familiar in a group of two than alone with a task.
12.01.2018 [21:56:17] <pnunn> I agree Etienne. I think that's a fine idea.
12.01.2018 [21:56:48] <GuKKDevel> I think inormally we can meet on board-private to build this groups
12.01.2018 [21:56:55] <GuKKDevel> informally
12.01.2018 [21:56:58] <pnunn> Yep.
12.01.2018 [21:56:59] <bdmc> I also agree.  I found that I only felt capable of Vice President when I joined, and grew more confident as the year progressed.
12.01.2018 [21:57:27] <bdmc> I still don't feel like "the boss."
12.01.2018 [21:57:34] <bdmc> OK, Dirk?
12.01.2018 [21:57:41] <GuKKDevel> egal?
12.01.2018 [21:57:58] <bdmc> dirk_on_server?
12.01.2018 [21:58:01] <bdmc> B-)
12.01.2018 [21:58:19] <bdmc> He may have been called away.
12.01.2018 [21:58:29] <GuKKDevel> seems we lost him for the moment
12.01.2018 [21:58:46] <bdmc> Have we heard from Ross?  Did he accept?
12.01.2018 [21:59:05] <bdmc> ( 30 minutes )
12.01.2018 [22:00:05] <bdmc> Have I lost my connection, too?
12.01.2018 [22:00:16] <pnunn> no
12.01.2018 [22:00:25] <Etienne> There was no secretary to inform he.
12.01.2018 [22:00:45] <Etienne> The new secretary will do this tonight.
12.01.2018 [22:00:46] <bdmc> Oh, good.  I was seeing a lot of re-connections.
12.01.2018 [22:00:54] <bdmc> Thank you, Etienne.
12.01.2018 [22:01:08] <pnunn> Did Ross not accept in the last meeting or did  I missread that.
12.01.2018 [22:01:08] <bdmc> That leaves us one short in Australia.
12.01.2018 [22:01:46] <pnunn> Do we have a list somewhere of active assurers by country?
12.01.2018 [22:02:11] <bdmc> Yes.  We got in trouble last year when we looked at that.
12.01.2018 [22:02:25] <pnunn> Although I must admit its been years since I last did one.
12.01.2018 [22:02:54] <Etienne> https://secure.cacert.org/wot.php?id=1&ccid=12
12.01.2018 [22:03:32] <Etienne> I contactet all of them one year ago. I have also a list with the result. I can send it to you.
12.01.2018 [22:04:02] <pnunn> Please do.. I'll follow up some of these.
12.01.2018 [22:04:35] <bdmc> OK.  Let's formalize item 2.1.5.
12.01.2018 [22:05:04] <bdmc> I move that Etienne and Gero form a sub-committe to assist the Public Office with his duties.
12.01.2018 [22:05:13] <pnunn> seconded
12.01.2018 [22:05:16] <pnunn> and aye
12.01.2018 [22:05:27] <GuKKDevel> this was done last meeting
12.01.2018 [22:05:46] <bdmc> That's what I thought, but I found it in the Agenda.
12.01.2018 [22:05:53] <Etienne> 2.2.1. Bug 1417
12.01.2018 [22:06:11] <Etienne> https://wiki.cacert.org/Brain/CAcertInc/Committee/MeetingAgendasAndMinutes/2018-01-12
12.01.2018 [22:06:13] <GuKKDevel>
12.01.2018 [22:06:14] <bdmc> OK, then strike that motion.  It never happened.
12.01.2018 [22:06:46] <pnunn> 
12.01.2018 [22:06:59] <bdmc> The next item that I see in the agenda, is Item 2.4
12.01.2018 [22:07:11] <bdmc> Karl-Heinz, do you want to lead this?
12.01.2018 [22:07:51] <GuKKDevel> I sent a mail to support-team an as reported  at the moment it looks ike we have to change the source-code and the instruktions at the wiki 
12.01.2018 [22:08:30] <pnunn> I couldn't see the email on the list, but no matter, who can make these changes?
12.01.2018 [22:08:32] <Etienne> Karl-Heinz, can you copy the answer from support-team-list to the bug, as this is a list with restricted access rieghts?
12.01.2018 [22:08:40] <GuKKDevel> to inform the users to use a tool external to the browsers we use MS, opera, chrome, firefox
12.01.2018 [22:08:58] <GuKKDevel> OK I will
12.01.2018 [22:08:58] <bdmc> This is not an item that is on the agenda.  Are you adding it to 2.4?
12.01.2018 [22:09:15] <pnunn> Brian, its I think.
12.01.2018 [22:09:45] <Etienne> How many people are on this list?
12.01.2018 [22:09:56] <GuKKDevel> I don't know
12.01.2018 [22:10:06] <bdmc> I'm sorry.  I got on the wrong Agenda.   I'm back!
12.01.2018 [22:10:17] <pnunn> 
12.01.2018 [22:10:25] <Etienne> Maybe, we should also write to support@c.o. with 700 subscribers. More help, but also more risks.
12.01.2018 [22:10:57] <GuKKDevel> so I would support the idea etienne had to ask the list of the support-forum (cacert-support) at nex step
12.01.2018 [22:11:22] <bdmc> GuKKDevel: Do you want to make that a motion?
12.01.2018 [22:11:26] <pnunn> We just need to find someone who can make the changes in the short term. Can we not get the fix in place quickly and then sort out the longer term fix?
12.01.2018 [22:11:56] <Etienne> Is there a solution or are we looking for a solution?
12.01.2018 [22:12:05] <GuKKDevel> we need to be informed if there is a way to stay in the browsers
12.01.2018 [22:12:16] <GuKKDevel> we looking for one
12.01.2018 [22:12:19] <bdmc> pnunn:  As I remember, we get push-back from the System Administrators for not following "the rules."
12.01.2018 [22:12:54] <GuKKDevel> bdmc: plese explain
12.01.2018 [22:12:56] <Etienne> No, Google startet to kick out a htlm tag from chrome and mozilla followed. We use this tag to create certificates.
12.01.2018 [22:12:56] <pnunn> OK, fair enough. But.. if we are not functional, we need something done quickly so lets push the administrators.
12.01.2018 [22:13:38] <Etienne> Without a solution, no new certs and no certs renewed - only with safari on mac.
12.01.2018 [22:14:01] <Etienne> Or an old not updated browser.
12.01.2018 [22:14:08] <GuKKDevel> my suggestion is to ask cacert-support next
12.01.2018 [22:14:08] <bdmc> GuKKDevel: What I remember is that we can't make "random" changes to Production.  ( Which is perfectly reasonable. )
12.01.2018 [22:14:45] <GuKKDevel> I know but this has to be a change in the source and has to be tested properly
12.01.2018 [22:14:57] <Etienne> OK, I ask cacert-support list as soon as the support-team answers is added to the bug.
12.01.2018 [22:15:14] <bdmc> GuKKDevel: Completely agree.
12.01.2018 [22:15:16] <Etienne> If it is coded by someone else, we can do the tests.
12.01.2018 [22:15:28] <bdmc> What is going to be asked of the list?
12.01.2018 [22:15:40] <GuKKDevel> shall I do the communicaton
12.01.2018 [22:16:06] <bdmc> Only after the Board understands what communication is going to take place.
12.01.2018 [22:16:33] <GuKKDevel> the list should be asked if someone knows a solution for the deprecated html-tag
12.01.2018 [22:17:05] <bdmc> That sounds reasonable.  Would you like to make a motion that we can approve?
12.01.2018 [22:17:18] <GuKKDevel> and if support doesn't know we could ask cacert-members at next
12.01.2018 [22:17:30] <Etienne> and in a second mailing if there is an idea who helps to implement it.
12.01.2018 [22:17:46] <GuKKDevel> yes
12.01.2018 [22:18:11] <bdmc> Unless we have another meeting very soon, I would suggest that both be part of the same motion.
12.01.2018 [22:19:52] <GuKKDevel>  https://lists.cacert.org/wws/arc/cacert-board-private/2018-01/msg00017.html
12.01.2018 [22:20:07] <GuKKDevel> this was my mail tosupport-team
12.01.2018 [22:20:53] <GuKKDevel> a likewise I would send to cacert-support
12.01.2018 [22:21:24] <pnunn> Works for me..
12.01.2018 [22:21:39] <bdmc> Can you please create a motion, describing what you would like to ( need to ) do, and who you want to ask?
12.01.2018 [22:22:09] <GuKKDevel>  im not so good in english
12.01.2018 [22:22:09] <bdmc> It doesn't need to be too detailed.
12.01.2018 [22:22:18] <bdmc> OK, let me try.
12.01.2018 [22:22:47] <pnunn> Your english is better than my anything!! 
12.01.2018 [22:23:17] <GuKKDevel> move that Karl-heinz takes care of the work and communication around the bug 1417
12.01.2018 [22:23:21] <Etienne> I move that Karl-Heinz ask the cacert support list for help to get a solution for Bug 1417. And if there is one also for help for implementation.
12.01.2018 [22:23:40] <pnunn> seconded and aye to either or both.
12.01.2018 [22:23:46] <bdmc> I move that Karl-Heinz be directed to contact, first, the cacert-support mailing list, inquiring about possible solutions to the recent failure of certificate generation.  Following that, he should ask the same mailing list for volunteers to implement that solution.
12.01.2018 [22:24:11] <GuKKDevel> second and aye
12.01.2018 [22:24:14] <Etienne> aye 
12.01.2018 [22:24:17] <GuKKDevel> to brian
12.01.2018 [22:24:38] <Etienne> to all, but brian's is best worded for the minutes.
12.01.2018 [22:24:39] <bdmc> OK, I was going to ask which of the three motions we were addressing.
12.01.2018 [22:25:07] <GuKKDevel> so we tke brians i prefer
12.01.2018 [22:25:24] <GuKKDevel> who seconds?
12.01.2018 [22:25:28] <bdmc> I know that they are all variations on the same subject.  Can we combine them into one motion?
12.01.2018 [22:25:51] <bdmc> We can add "Bug 1417" to mine.
12.01.2018 [22:26:28] <pnunn> done.
12.01.2018 [22:26:38] <bdmc> something like "certificate generation, known as Bug 1417."
12.01.2018 [22:27:41] <bdmc> OK.  So with the formalities, let's go around again.  If we are using the amended version of my motion as the "official" one, who seconds, and then we can vote?
12.01.2018 [22:28:04] <Etienne> second and aye
12.01.2018 [22:28:08] <GuKKDevel> aye
12.01.2018 [22:28:13] <pnunn> aye
12.01.2018 [22:28:15] <bdmc> aye
12.01.2018 [22:28:19] <bdmc> Thank you, all.
12.01.2018 [22:28:22] <GuKKDevel> bdmc besides you are running out of time
12.01.2018 [22:28:38] <GuKKDevel> lets make the new timeand date now 
12.01.2018 [22:28:58] <Etienne> Question time for dirk and a new date.
12.01.2018 [22:28:59] <bdmc> Exactly.  I was just going to mention that.  However, you three still form a quorum, so can continue discussing things.
12.01.2018 [22:29:23] <GuKKDevel> I suggest jan 26. same time
12.01.2018 [22:29:29] <bdmc> Do we want to meet before a month from now, with the various urgent things?
12.01.2018 [22:29:46] <bdmc> I can accpet that date.
12.01.2018 [22:29:47] <pnunn> Sadly my time is short as well. The house is awake now. 26th is good.
12.01.2018 [22:29:57] <bdmc> ouch ( accpet should be accept )
12.01.2018 [22:30:19] <Etienne> 26 is not for me, sorry, I am not online this evening
12.01.2018 [22:30:40] <Etienne> you can do it without me.
12.01.2018 [22:30:41] <bdmc> A different day that week?   Peter?
12.01.2018 [22:31:03] <pnunn> Anything really from my point of view, its all in the morning early.
12.01.2018 [22:31:32] <bdmc> Etienne: would a different day work better for you?
12.01.2018 [22:31:58] <pnunn> Thuesday your time would be my least prefered as I have a late night Tuesday my time (usually Wed morning by the time I get home). But other than that.
12.01.2018 [22:32:21] <Etienne> Yes, 22. or 25. or the following week.
12.01.2018 [22:32:43] <pnunn> 22?
12.01.2018 [22:32:55] <GuKKDevel> for me both fit
12.01.2018 [22:33:17] <bdmc> Thursday?  Friday morning, Peter?
12.01.2018 [22:33:42] <pnunn> Sure, Friday is a public holiday here, but I don't mind getting up 
12.01.2018 [22:33:54] <bdmc> Anzac day?
12.01.2018 [22:34:04] <pnunn> Not yet... Australia day.
12.01.2018 [22:34:14] <pnunn> Or as the Natives call it, Invasion day.
12.01.2018 [22:34:31] <bdmc> OK, are we agreed on Thursday evening GMT?
12.01.2018 [22:34:40] <pnunn> Done.
12.01.2018 [22:34:42] <Etienne> OK
12.01.2018 [22:34:45] <GuKKDevel> ok
12.01.2018 [22:35:06] <GuKKDevel> 25-01-2018 
12.01.2018 [22:35:13] <bdmc> Now, do you want me to close the meeting, or will you continue?
12.01.2018 [22:35:23] <GuKKDevel> same time as today was
12.01.2018 [22:35:34] <pnunn> I'm sorry I have to head out as well.. so best close.
12.01.2018 [22:35:37] <bdmc> GuKKDevel: agreed.
12.01.2018 [22:35:52] <pnunn> yes GuKKDevel
12.01.2018 [22:35:52] <GuKKDevel> agreed
12.01.2018 [22:35:55] <Etienne> The two remaining topics started on board private and will coninue there.
12.01.2018 [22:36:04] <Etienne> continue
12.01.2018 [22:36:10] <pnunn> Great..
12.01.2018 [22:36:16] <bdmc> OK, in that case, let me call this meeting to a close.
12.01.2018 [22:36:34] <pnunn> Good morning again everyone. Thanks for a good meeting.. talk soon.
12.01.2018 [22:36:37] <bdmc> 'Night all.  ( Have a fun Saturday, Peter. )
12.01.2018 [22:36:48] <Etienne> Enjoy your work, Brian.
12.01.2018 [22:36:56] <Etienne> Have a nice week end, Peter
12.01.2018 [22:36:56] <bdmc> Hockey game.
12.01.2018 [22:37:12] <Etienne> Good night Karl-Heinz
12.01.2018 [22:37:13] <GuKKDevel> good night from here
12.01.2018 [22:37:16] <pnunn> I thought execrise was bad for you.
12.01.2018 [22:37:23] <bdmc> I work evenings and week-ends at the Arena.  B-)
12.01.2018 [22:37:23] <pnunn> Good bye.
12.01.2018 [22:37:38] <pnunn> Ohh.. that's not so bad for you 
12.01.2018 [22:37:40] <Etienne> Good bye.

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