Committee Meeting 20100829

The meeting will take place at 21:00 UTC in the IRC channel #board-meeting on the CAcert IRC network.

Feel free to add a business within the acceptance period or your question to the board below.


  1. Prepare minutes from last meeting

  2. put motion to accept the minutes
  3. Summary of cacert-board-private list since YYYYMMDD and reason for privacy
  4. Update action items


  1. Preliminaries
    1. Chair opens the Committee Meeting
    2. Accept the minutes from the last meeting.

    3. Who is making minutes?
  2. Businesses Important Note: Acceptance of Businesses 48 Hours before beginning of Committee Meeting latest!

    1. Treasurer added by Iang

    2. AGM Preparations added by Iang

      1. Board report and Forward Looking Statement 1st cut

      2. progress on Team Reports, announced, chased?

      3. Financial Report.
      4. Request from oophaga?
    3. Arbitration

      1. review list of active Arbitrators
      2. Confirm Ted as Arbitrator, restart m20100818.1

    4. Infrastructure added by Iang

      1. progress
      2. introduced Minimalist Hosting Agreement and now on the wiki: MinimalistHostingAgreement.

      3. approval for time being?
      4. If so, Iang can seek approval from Sonance and Andreas+Ulrich. Ulrich already said it was OK.
    5. Conservatory Practice for CAcert Domains added by Iang

      1. 2nd cut WIP.

      2. review any comments
      3. vote to approve? suggestions:
        • That, for the time being, domains containing the name of CAcert be placed under the agreement at wiki/Domains.

    6. Support added by Iang

      1. Support MiniTOP St Augustin 20100821

      2. Joost as deputy team leader in Michael's absence.
    7. Business added by Your Name Comment: Replace "Business One" by Title of Business and add your Name

      • Additional Inputs Comment: Replace "Additional Inputs"by Description of Business, Description of Reason-Why/Purpose, Additional Comments, Additional Documents, Additional Links, if useful for other Committee Members to prepare for Committee Meeting.

    8. et cetera
  3. Question Time Important Note: Questions from Community Members can be added until beginning of Committee Meeting! As well questions can be asked at "Question Time", without added Question here

    1. List naming practices added by Mario
      • Acting as listmaster, I have received a request to add a list for a local group from Germany. They claimed the name cacert-dresden would be too long and they asked to use the name ca4d2. Since this violates the current naming scheme, I would get some opinions first on this before starting with messing up current structures.
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      • et cetera
  4. Closingand 3rd
    1. Confirm the next Committee Meeting: Usually every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month 21:00 UTC.

    2. Chair closes the Committee Meeting


  1. Preliminaries
    1. Lambert took chair and opened the Committee Meeting
      • Present: Lambert, Ian, Mario, Alexander
    2. Who is making minutes?
      • Alexander.
    3. Can we handle the Oophaga topic in this meeting?
      • Lambert suggests handling it together with the AGM report.
    4. Acceptance of the minutes of the 2010-08-15 meeting
      • Alexander still can't use the voting tool, but votes aye. Others use the voting tool.
  2. Businesses
    1. Treasurer and financial report, see also the next point.
      • Financial report again deferred until next meeting, because Mark is not present.
      • The financial report is a blocker for the AGM report.
      • Ian will try to contact Mark to discuss the financial report.
      • Ian notes that Mark is the only one with transaction records, Ernie never gained access. He further notes that it seems to be too hard for someone outside the country to gain access to the main bank account.
    2. AGM Preparations
      • Ian refers to for the board report and to for the audit team report.

      • Ian asks the others to read and review those documents.
      • Ian notes that at this point we have a (full?) Arbitration team report and a Software Assessment team report.
      • Trying to set a deadline to review the documents, but discussion moves to the Oophaga issue.
      • Mario notes that setting a deadline for the team reports would also help getting more team reports.
      • Lambert notes that Oophaga has a meeting on September 1st, before which they would like a status report from CACert.
      • Lambert notes that Oophaga wants a summary of where we are today, what our timelines are for this year, and for the coming years, especially regarding audit.
      • Ian suggests taking 30 min break to read the document, to be able to vote on it right now. No follow-up on this idea.
      • Some discussion follows whether or not the board report actually answers Oophaga's questions. It seems it does.
      • Ian suggests we can send our WIP board report (+ team reports?) to Oophaga, clearly mentioning it is WIP, instead of writing a separate report for Oophaga.
      • Lambert asks are you thinking of adding the text in an email, or providing links to the text, or providing a summary, with links to the original text? Consensus on the last option.
      • Lambert proposes to write the email to Oophaga Monday evening, so the board can review this email, but that will not leave much time for Oophaga to review the report(s).
      • Some discussion follows regarding whether or not we can write it has been decided to split the audit in two parts (RA + CA).
      • Summary: board will review the board report and forward looking statement by September 5, Ian will contact Mark about financial data and Lambert will prepare a letter to Oophaga.

    3. Arbitration
      • Confirmation of Ted as arbitrator resolved outside the meeting by

      • Inactive arbitrators: Lambert prepared a list of inactive arbitrators, but he is still waiting for some (slow) responses of some arbitrators to verify they are really inactive.
      • Lambert is wondering whether or not it is appropriate to mention the names of these possibly inactive arbitrators in a public meeting (privacy issues).
      • Ian notes it is in the community's interest to know the active and inactive arbitrators. Ian also notes that those arbitrators who actively say they will be inactive for a while are the good ones.

      • Mario writes that deciding when someone is inactive and when not is the decision of the DRO, not the board.
      • Ian writes that the board is only interested in the high-level aspect: is arbitration working correctly and well? He also notes that also the arbitrators are bound by the CCA and should keep their email address in good working order, meaning they also should respond to an email from an arbitrator.
      • Lambert suggests sending the names of the inactive arbitrators to the private board list.
      • Motion by Lambert: I hereby ask the board to accept resignation as arbitrator and case manager of C Hoth, reason inactivity. I also ask the board to accept resignation of J Moore, for personal reasons. Aye by Ian, Lambert, Alexander and Mario.
      • Alexander writes he has to leave the meeting early.
    4. Infrastructure
      • Mario tells us that Markus rejected, Jan accepted to become infrastructure admin. Also for a few admins for services. Mario believes Ulrich could hopefully add Alexander to the voting tool on the community server.
      • Mario asks whether we want him to get accesss to the whole infrastructure also, to be able to add new users, or do some quick changes, be a 3rd backup? Also maybe as temporary infrastructure t/l so we do not need to vote all decissions through board, until new people have been proven to take over the job. There is also a need for an email admin.
        • Ian is fine with Mario being temporary infrastructure t/l. Lambert also is fine with this.
        • Some questions about an ABC, but infrastructure is not under SP.
      • resolved that Mario be appointed as infrastructure team leader, temporarily, be granted the access needed, and be instructed to prepare the team and find his replacement! Aye by Lambert and Ian. Abstain by Mario.
      • About hosting agreement: resolved, that for the time being, we accept the Minimalist Hosting Agreement and offer that openly to our Assurers. Aye by Lambert, Mario and Ian.

    5. Domains
      • That, for the time being, domains containing the name of CAcert be placed under the agreement at wiki/Domains. Aye by Lambert, Mario and Ian.
    6. Support
    7. Questions from the floor
      • "Acting as listmaster, I have received a request to add a list for a local group from Germany. They claimed the name cacert-dresden would be too long and they asked to use the name ca4d2. Since this violates the current naming scheme, I would get some opinions first on this before starting with messing up current structures."
        • Ian believes Teus's board motioned to drop all non-CAcert uses of the mailing lists.
        • Some comments follow regarding naming schemes. Final answer seems to be that the sysadm should use common sense, and in this particular case ask a clear description about the list which can be published in the lists webpage.
      • Ulrich asks if any other Arbitrator can pick up a case left over by the resignations of inactive arbitrators.
        • Lambert replies "Yes".
        • Mario proposes to help Ulrich with these cases so they can get closed.
  3. Closing:



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