CAcert RA-Audit Program


CAcert's RA-Audit Program is an internal audit function with the goal to check the CAcert's registration authority's (RA) compliance to internal rules and regulations. The RA is a basic organisation within CAcert. It is build by CAcerts Assurers and therefore decentralised and distributed all over the world.

The RA-Audit team consisting of senior Assurers monitors the execution of the Assurance Policy during assurances take place between an assurer and an assurer. The RA-Auditors at as passive observers during the process and take notes on what they see. The collected evidence is digitalised into a central database.


The RA-Audit Program was established in 2009 by CAcert's internal Auditor at the ATE Spring tour 2009 with the name "Co-Audit" and updated in 2010 under the supervision of CAcert's Assurance Officer.

In 2015 a new system was introduced to make the RA-Auditors more passive observers. Also a new web-based system WS introduced to store the records and calculate statistics. Since the renewal in 2015, the RA-Auditors work as an Audit subteam under the supervision of the internal Auditor.

Current KPI

A Key performance indicator (KPI) is defined for the RA-Audit program: 2% of yearly assurance should be audited.



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