Please file DISPUTE to request Arbitrated Background Check over Martin
Schulze, known as Marty1 <email anonymized> .  He is currently
working as Triage within Support Department.

The direct result is to propose him to board for the potential role of
Support Engineer, as covered by Security Policy  However the
ABC can be seen as broad and independent of Support work.

iang, temporary Support Officer.

Before: Arbitrator Mario Lipinski (A), Respondent: Martin Schulze (R), Claimant: Ian Grigg (C), Case: a20091215.1

History Log



The background check has not revealed any blocking issues. However, R is quite new to CAcert and the interview has shown, he is not yet familiar with structures and topics of CAcert. Before adding R to routine support, he first needs to be educated, trained and tested. Means to qualify R and to verify this are up to the Support Officer (C).

One way for establishing that could be adding R to the internal communication channels of support for watching and discussing and passing a test proving to have learned about important issues for support before enabled to handle support cases on his own.


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