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Lesson 60 - Appointment of Case Managers and Arbitrators

Steps for nomination

  1. stay in contact with the nominee
  2. send nomination to cacert-board@list
  3. one arbitrator should confirm the nomination proposal / two arbitrators should confirm the nomination proposal if not sent by an arbitrator
  4. nominee should confirm his nomination proposal
  5. board has to start a motion
  6. initiator of the nomination proposal should send the result to the nominee
  7. initiator should trigger the next steps for the appointed Case Manager / Arbitrator to the nominee, to start with a request for email address (see next block)

What to do when appointed as Case Manager or Arbitrator

  1. Request a mail address: Contact mail admin of infrastructure team, email-admin@c.o
    forward response to step #3 OTRS admins and step #4 mailing list admins
    More information about Email setup can be found on Community Email

  2. Get a certificate for the address. All communication by an Arbitrator or Case Manager should be digitally signed!

  3. Get an account for OTRS from IssueAdmin or Support Team Leader, currently Joost Steijlen

  4. Get an account for the WiKi from

  5. Subscribe to the relevant mailing lists Arbitration Mailing List and Disputes Mailing List (email to lists-admin@c.o)

  6. If not already present, add your entry to the List of Arbitrators, maybe add a personal page to the Wiki

  7. DRO or mentor shall add the new member to Wiki ACL group ArbitrationGroup

  8. Write an introduction to Arbitration mailing list and ask for an experienced arbitrator to coach you through your first cases.
  9. Optional: connect to, channel: #arbteam for live communications with other arbitrators and case managers



  1. I use the term "dedicated Case Manager" to distinguish explicitly appointed Case managers from the implicit Case Managers like Support Engineers and Arbitrators. It is not a widely used terminus. (1)


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