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Resolution Text

Me, Benedikt Heintel, member of the CAcert Incorporatred, propose following resolution for upcoming AGM: Create a sub-committee staff it and delegate the needed power to it, to prepare and conduct the transition of assets and information from CAcert Inc. to an association yet to be founded.

The sub-committee should consist of ordinary members of CAcert Inc. elected by its members. The power delegated to the sub-committee should be those delegated to a Project Team. The sub-committee should be led as a project team by a Project Manager with proven track record.

Background information

The current board of directos decided to investigate on a move of the association to another country. This task is now in the hand of a board member that might be out of business after this AGM. To continuously work on this topic, a sub-committee should be created and members elected into it. The sub-committee should outwear the office period of the board, until the move is done or the AGM decides to close the sub-committee.

The reasons for the move discussed by the board of directors are e. g.

The sub-committee should be set up as a project with the dedicated goal to prepare and conduct the move. The decision to build the sub-committee proves the board's decision to move the association right.

The sub-committee should be led by a project manager, responsible for leading the project team and report to the board of directors. The project manager should be granted sufficient time and resources to reach the project goal. The new board should define the scope, the timeline, and decision points (go/no-go decision) for the project.



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